Windows 7: Windows Backup Overview

Windows Backup

Windows Backup allows you to make copies of data files and also create a system image which includes your system settings, programs and files. In Windows 7, you can choose your custom location for the data backup and whether or not to include the system image during backup.

The Backup and Restore is located under System and Security in your Control Panel

You can also access it via the Action Center

Create a Backup

You can start creating a backup from the Backup and Restore center in the Control Panel

You can choose your preferred location where you want to create your backup

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can also select a network location to create your backup. On clicking Add Network Location, you can add your network path

Once you have chosen your location, you can now choose what to backup. You can either leave it to Windows' choice or you can choose your files

If you chose to select your own files (which I think anyone would prefer), you will be presented now to choose the files for backup

If for some reason you want to go with Windows' chosen files, here is what you get

You can see that the system image is included by default if Windows' option is chosen whereas it is available as a choice if we were to select it.

Not to mention that you can schedule your backups whenever you want to

Now you can start your backup process. The Backup and Restore center notifies you that backup is in progress

On clicking View Progress, you an have a look at the actual progress

Even Action Center notifies you about the backup

Once your backup process is over, your file is ready to be restored

The Backup and Restore center gives you more information about your backup

System Recovery Disc

It is worth to mention about creating a system recovery disc in Windows 7. You no longer need the installation disc to create a recovery disc.

Using the disc created above, you can now repair your Windows 7 installation

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thanks for the review .

you don't really need the recovery disc .

since the recovery are integrated in the windows drive and can be accessed via F8 while the computer is booting ofc

I have a 1 TB USB removable drive that I use for Vista and Win 7 Beta and I can say that you can recover using it. Not sure about network locations though.

What do you mean by "norma"? Just the Windows Image and user settings?

The size depends on what you've got installed as well since it'll copy the Program Files directory etc.

Angel Blue01 said,
They finally let you choose what to back up!

Don't get your hopes up, he's tested it on the Ultimate version, which has always allowed you, even with vista, to backup whatever you want. Only the Home version of the backup utility is crippled under vista, it may be the same with 7.

Arkos Reed said,
Only the Home version of the backup utility is crippled under vista, it may be the same with 7.

Indeed, this has always been one of my sticking points with Vista. NTBackup was always a capable program - simple options, decent log generation, and even if it couldn't restore your whole system very well, you certainly were able to get your files back.

Vista should have been a step up across the board, but this isn't the only spot they dropped the ball. If a "Show history" link was added, and the featureset depicted above is available across the whole range of Windows 7 editions, I'll be content.

To be perfectly clear on that; upgrading editions is okay for good features that not everybody needs. I want to join a domain so I'll get Business! I want a concurrent session in Remote Desktop so I'll get Ultimate! (yes, that's a hint, Microsoft) Backup software, however, is something everybody needs, and it just gets me mad at Microsoft when I see the half-baked garbage that the lowly versions of Vista got.

How does the backup feature handle Libraries? What happen if you linked your a music folder in a DIFFERENT drive?
Would those files get copied too? If so, how are they restored?

If you add folders from another drive to a library it will be included in the backup. I just tested this and browse through the files on the backup and I saw the folders grouped by the drive they came from.

P1R4T3 said,
Is it possible to make a bootable image of my system using the backup tool?

when performing a full system drive backup it builds a VHD image, mountable as a virtual drive or as a Virtual PC Virual machine

mmm, fairly limited backup program...

- how do I activate incremental/differential backups?
- how do I get around Error code 0x80070005?

ok this is prob a really dumb question however can you restore a windows vista back up (just files, no system image or watever), on windows 7?? also, if i just do the upgrade option on the installation disc, will all my applications still be installed and files be there??

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