Xbox One 2014 plans reportedly leak, white and cheaper models inbound

With 2014 just getting started, a user over at NeoGAF is apparently dropping a knowledge bomb of information about Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming year. As with all leaked info, take it with a healthy dose of salt as none of it has been verified but much of it does align to whispers we have heard from around the web.

Posted below is the information that has been stated so far and none of it seems all that far-fetched; the biggest item may be the Xbox One for $399 without an optical drive. Of course, a drive-less Xbox One rumor has popped up before but nothing sounds concrete at this time; most of the other information is related to games that will be released during 2014.

  • Forza Horizon: "Fall 2014, probably September. Super sexy weather system and... lots of co-op/social stuff. 1080P and open-world, so you can road trip with your bros."
  • White Xbone incoming.
  • Why all the leaks? Scared you might get caught? "I am incapable of fear. Plus, this is such exciting stuff, and me talking about it ahead of time isn't going to hurt anything, truthfully. We're all chomping at the bit for it to come out. This is not bad. "
  • Halo Anniversary 2 will be 1080p, iffy on the 60fps, maybe not.
  • Quantum Break is Holiday 2014
  • Multiplayer confirmed for HA2, same devs as Halo Anniversary.
  • Sunset Overdrive is Fall 2014
  • Black Tusk cancelled project was called "Shangheist." May have involved stealing stuff from the Chinese (though I think that may have been a reference to the name and maybe not the gameplay? Not sure...)
  • Fable Legends is Summer 2015
  • Halo 2 Anniversary includes beta for Halo 5
  • Gears of War will probably need a 2.5 year dev time.
  • First Titanfall DLC is 45 days from release, then another one 120 days from release.
  • No Crackdown 3 news this year most likely, since it's a 2016 title.
  • $399 XB1 this year? "Maybe one without an Optical Disc Drive."
  • 1TB XB1 in November (Limited Edition)

One item that does stand out is a white version of the Xbox One. We already know that Microsoft has made a console in this color, but it was previously only given to the team who helped make the console. It’s not that far-fetched that they would switch the die for the plastic back to white and pump out the consoles to help move a few more units once black becomes a bit common in stores around the US.

The good news for those of you who are in territories where the Xbox One is not on sale yet, posted below are the reported plans for the Xbox One to be released in additional territories.

April October
Japan China
S. Korea Poland
Taiwan Czech Republic
Singapore Hungary
Hong Kong Greece
Russia Portugal
Sweden Slovakia
Norway Turkey
Finland Saudi Arabia
Denmark South Africa
Colombia UAE
Chile Israel
Argentina India

As with all rumors, especially one like this, be cautious as the information could be off target. With that being said, if accurate, Microsoft's can of beans just got spilled on the web and if it holds true, it should be an exciting year for the Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF

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This would've been a lot more promising if they had perhaps included a model without Kinect.

With all the reversals they made about online sales, I sincerely doubt we'll ever see a model without a disc.

White Xbox One coming? Awesome! And if it's cheaper, then than that'll just be the cherry on top. There was no reason to buy it on day one anyway. Let the beta testers weed out all the issues.

'a user over at NeoGAF'

Always reminds me of Harry Enfield sketches:

"Really? Who told you that?"
"Bloke down the pub."
"Bloke down the pub?"
"Yeah. Bloke down the pub."
"Oh ... then it must be true."

kravex said,
'a user over at NeoGAF'

Always reminds me of Harry Enfield sketches:

"Really? Who told you that?"
"Bloke down the pub."
"Bloke down the pub?"
"Yeah. Bloke down the pub."
"Oh ... then it must be true."

Makes more sense if you realise that neowin lifted this story from the verge who claim that their sources independently verify this posters claim. Shame neowin missed that bit from their plagerism.

Welcome to the current day blogosphere where anybody who's a nobody can yell something and get the mass attention from the "press" without verifying anything.

The white controller looks nice, but the system? Yuck! I prefer black. Happy about Halo Anniversary 2 getting made.

If this is true and they release a newer model with a 1TB drive in November (not the white LE version), then the current 500GB models should get their price cut before hand, probably to $399 with the new 1TB model going for the original $499 price. That's usually how it's always worked out in the past with the 360. Besides the rumor about a smaller BD-less XB1 isn't new, the idea of a pure entertainment/set-top box type model has been around since last April or so. If they did do it it'd have to be after the first hardware revision/shrink, don't know if it's too soon for that but who knows? That model would have a lower price to, IMO, I'm thinking $299 with a deal from the cable providers.

"With 2014 just getting started, a user over at NeoGAF is apparently dropping a knowledge"

really verifiable source. /s


My Prediction...

1. XBox Limited Edition (White)
2. XBox with 1TB Hard Disk
3. Slightly modded Xbox One to give access to HD for upgrade. Possibly End of Year or in 2015
4. XBox will finally get some version of a Windows Media Centre for proper DLNA streaming.

Personally I don't think a XBox without a Blue Ray will happen.

An Idea here regarding diskless units and download only, and while I know that disks wont go anywhere anytime soon (nor do I want them to as choice is good) I personally feel fine with downloading all my stuff. Now there are those that have slower connections or datacaps etc. and would like to stick with disks ONLY because they would take to long to download or use up their data caps.

The idea: game shops have ATM style devices installed, you setup an account with the provider (MS/Sony/3rd party that can cater for both?) and you get a usb 3.0 64GB flash drive. This flash drive is linked to your account. You go to the shop and buy a game, but instead of taking a disk home you plug in your flash drive and walk out with the game on there - this is simply to save you from the download on your home connection.

These ATM devices could be installed in all sorts of places if successful.

I know it seems like an answer to a problem that doesn't exist, but it will allow the transition to diskless systems without anyone being inconvenienced in the process.

Things like the family sharing etc could then go ahead, and possibly these units could handle licensing issues to enable game sales for purely digital versions (just a license transfer back to the shop/service for an agreed fee, which they can sell as a used license just as they would a used game), maybe it would only work in a trade in style (money off a new game) or maybe it would credit your account.

Just an idea anyway.

Considering one of the selling points for the One is it's now truly region free (unlike 360), it would be daft to buy a console without a disc drive unless you're one of the FIFA/COD bros. Every now and then a title doesn't get released in your region that you can simply import from USA/Asia/Japan. Or sometimes importing works out cheaper, is an uncensored copy or gets released 6 months before another region.

Wrong, the Xbox One allows you to change your region and thus marketplace with a simple change of a setting. It even accepts then foreign to that setting PayPal accounts to buy (or import if you look at it) its content. All content on disc in stores is now mandatorily available digitally as well, so the optical driveless Xbox One is a very good idea as an optional SKU.

I don't give a **** about halo and halo 2 remakes. I want the new halo.

Anyone else?

Quantum Break is out during the holidays this year and The Division doesn't have a release date yet. Guess I'm waiting until august to buy the xbox one. I would buy it now for dead rising and BF 4. However after reading all the bad stuff about BF4, i'll pass. And I'm not spending that much money and only having one game that gets my attention.

I want a crystal one like my old Xbox... Crystal with some blue LED's, Good fun looks nice (until lights are turned out and you get blinded by the blue LED's ofc but hope with an off switch.)

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