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04 May 2011
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I love, and live, tech.

I have a keen personal interest in how technology can be used to solve broader social and even geopolitical problems; if you have any thoughts on that front, let's have a beer and chew the cud - you never know, we may just make the world a better place.

I'm a Microsoft fan, but not a Microsoft fanboy - my tech world is filled with MS gear (from the HP Touchsmart and twin-display HP Pavilion Elite desktop, to my Windows 8 Samsung tablet and Lenovo Yoga 13, to my HP Home Server, Xbox 360 and various Windows Phones), but I'm not oblivious to all that Microsoft gets wrong (and boy, what a list that is), nor to all that Google, Apple and others get right.

Big fan of Apple industrial design; I was rather excited too by what HP was doing with webOS until they brutally murdered it; and everything that Google does I love and fear in equal measure. Really excited by Google Now - it'll be fascinating to see how it develops in the months and years to come.

Huge sci-fi fan as well (BSG/Trek run through my veins), and I love a good cup of tea. More than anything though, I love things with buttons, screens, switches, lights and toggles. I love tech.

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