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  2. Thanks for your input. You have valid and objective points. I'm glad that Microsoft is working on improving Windows updates to make it less disruptive. But there is, indeed, still a long way to go.
  3. 1. That, I can live with. I did the exact same thing. 2. That's something I can't live with. Search, followed by ENTER is my way of starting applications. I don't want to search the start menu manually. Search just has to work. 3. Agreed. But the updates are still disruptive. At some point, a reboot gets triggered. Even if it happens at night, it's annoying. I usually leave stuff open before going to bed. 4. Also agreed. However, dist upgrades aren't forced on the user: you have to trigger it manually. Feature updates are not ok (in my personal opinion). My tweaks to fix some issues (e.g. pc never waking up from sleep) are always undone after a feature update). Also, people that I know, don't know there is such thing as a feature update. And suddenly, in the morning, they notice their pc has issues (last time, the user couldn't log on anymore due to the OS not recognizing the pin anymore). Fixing other people's computer that gets broken due to a feature update is no fun. Even once a year is too much. 5. That didn't help on my side. I tried everything. Searched the web for months, always hoping to find similar cases, or to find updated drivers. Nothing...
  4. I love how he refers to parts blowing up as the engine 'liberating' itself from compoments. Haha
  5. The closed beta for GOG Galaxy 2.0 is now live by Florin Bodnarescu Library view Back in mid-May, GOG, the CD Projekt-owned DRM-free games marketplace, announced the ambitious overhaul of its Galaxy launcher. At that point, the site encouraged folks to sign up to the closed beta, though a small portion of those who signed up were also given access to a technical alpha a few days ago. Now, the closed beta is live for everybody that signed up. The biggest selling point of Galaxy 2.0 is its ability to essentially be the hub of folks' game collections. It imports not just the games you have on other platforms, but also things like achievements and time played. As the site itself describes it: Your Games. Import all your games from PC and consoles, build and organize them into one master collection. Install and launch any PC game you own, no matter the platform. Keep track of all your achievements, hours played and games owned. Customize your library by filtering, sorting, tagging, and adding your own visuals like game backgrounds or covers. Your Friends. See your friends’ cross-platform achievements, game time milestones and recently played games. Compete on leaderboards and see who’s the master collector, completionist or spends the most time playing. Your Privacy. Your personal data will never be shared with third parties. We’re not spying on data from your computer. With a single click, you can remove imported games and friends data from our servers. More Connect more platforms and add new features with open-source integrations. All customizations and changes to your library are saved in the cloud and synced between all your devices. Save any view like a customized library or favorite games and friends to access them instantly. Your GOG Client. The best way to run and update your GOG games. Use features like cloud saving, in-game overlay, multiplayer & matchmaking, rollbacks and more. The client is not required to play your DRM-free GOG games. Since this is a beta, there are obviously some rough edges and known issues to be aware of: In addition to your GOG account, you can currently connect your Xbox Live,, Epic Games Store, Origin, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Uplay accounts to Galaxy 2.0. Be advised that not all features are available for all integrations currently, and capabilities like importing friends and sending cross-platform messages are not supported in this current build. Community-made integrations - which need to be added manually - will also be available at a later date. You are however able to import games and launch them - which will launch the relevant client, depending on the platform -, as well as sort via tags added and ratings (out of five stars), platform (GOG, Steam, Uplay, etc.), operating system or console, name, activity, or whether the games are installed or not installed. There's additionally a sorting option which separates your library of games depending on the platform they're on, so you can more easily tell which client will be launched. Speaking of games, you'll be able to customize how their names appear in your library. That means you can at long last get rid of those ™ and ® symbols if you find them annoying. Furthermore, you'll be able to customize the covers and banners for your games. In other words, if a game has a missing image in tile view - or you just don't like it -, you can simply browse for another one that you find more appropriate. Galaxy 2.0 also includes bookmarks, which do exactly what they sound like they would. Whether you're on the page for a game in your library, or a game in the store, you can click the bookmark icon and it'll appear in the sidebar. Tracking of discounts is an upcoming feature, so it's not in this version yet. Though perhaps a feature not quite as big as the others but still worth mentioning is the actual background of the app. What it pulls its background from is the latest game you visited in your library. For example, if you visit Diablo which has a predominantly dark red-accented page, that's what will be carried over when you navigate to other sections like Recent or Activity. The various sorting options in the Recent tab On the subject of the Recent tab, it has both sorting options for a general summary or historical graphs which will show you when different games were added, achievements earned or hours played. You'll also be able to sort this by day, week, or month. This level of customizability is also available for things like friend leaderboards Folks are still able to sign up to the closed beta at this link, though be advised that invites are sent on a "first come, first served" basis. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the screenshot gallery below to get a better idea about Galaxy 2.0. What do you think about Galaxy 2.0? Sound off in the comments below!
  6. Other sites claim that these public betas are now live folks so go get em!
  7. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    Telegram 5.8 lets you add nearby contacts and create local groups

    No way to not store/delete the phone number and use only user names for communication. And yet they make a big deal about privacy. Revealing phone number is hardly private.
  8. They had android apps running on WM10 at some point they just didnt want to use google services.
  9. Because it will be quite stupid to carry this and a phone in your pocket. It should be a two in one. People carry a Surface and a phone today as well. It's just a smaller Surface that's all. Its very different when they are both in your pocket. Surface line-up is about two in ones, this makes sense to be a two in one tablet/phone
  10. Why? Mainly because I thought these smart watches ware useless when you had to charge them up everyday and that after a year or so would likely get worse, it wasn't good enough but if they can do 1 week, that changes a lot and makes smart watches far more useful to me. I think they are useless, screens are far too small. But if that what people want then so be it, myself i will still stick with my cheap casio watch. The screen size looks fine to me, beside, this isn't like a replacement for our smartphones, it's more to relay information quicker to us from our phones so it's got many useful uses. I know it is not a replacement for our smart phones, since it still need a smart phone to work. Not sure how it can relay information quicker to us, unless you mean quicker because you only have to lift your wrist up instead of taking the phone out of your pocket.
  11. I think the US are trying hard to stop them from implementing 5G in the UK because they would like to sell us US infrastructure instead.
  12. Ditto. Would be happy if CarPlay would crash a little less
  13. Mindovermaster

    question about SSD's, HDD and MB controllers

    Don't sweat it, man.
  14. We Use Mimecast for fulfilling our needs. But we've used Trend Micro's Email security for a long time in the past. Nothing wrong with Trend Micro, but switching to Mimecast was the decision of our Tech lead.
  15. Mindovermaster

    sata 3 cable

    Yeah, they were similar, but not the same... They were on two different subjects.
  16. J_R_G: That sounds about right: I haven't had it crash once (which is more than I can say for Firefox Nightly, amusingly enough). Okay - why Firefox Nightly? I'm torture-testing FN's Flash support with Xfinity Stream - which is Flash-dependent. Firefox Nightly is not the only browser that I am using the Stream with as a torture test; I do the same with Chromium Edge, regular Edge, regular Firefox, etc. My desktop PC is in a room with wireless (not wired) connectivity, and if I want to watch TV, I have to use wi-fi-based streaming to do it. I actually have a decent wireless adapter (Realtek RTL8811AU) - it is the second one of these in the house. Why I like them - Windows 10 supports them directly (true Plug and Play), fast as heck, and it has RANGE (my currrent bedroom is on the second floor - at the other end of the house - from the wi-fi router I use). I can stream video and data to the desktop AT THE SAME TIME - not a question of either/or.
  17. Good Bananas or Bad Bananas? +warwagon, I was wondering the same thing. ;-)
  18. MS hasn't updated Flight Simulator in forever, I really thought they had given up. I moved to X-Plane a while ago. I would be surprised if I moved back.
  19. Telegram 5.8 lets you add nearby contacts and create local groups by Paul Hill The messaging app, Telegram, has been updated to version 5.8, bringing with it features to add contacts more easily, create local groups, and the option for group and channel admins to transfer ownership rights to someone else if you ever get tired of all that responsibility. For those on iOS, Telegram X became the official Telegram client minus its slick logo - some users decided not to upgrade because they liked the black logo. With this update, iOS users can change the Telegram logo to the one used in Telegram X. Choice of available app icons on iOS. Once you’ve updated Telegram, adding contacts should be a bit easier. When you’re messaged by a non-contact, you’ll get an option at the top of the screen to add them to your contacts, even if you don’t know their phone number. If you’d rather stop the conversation, there’s also a block button which will stop the user from contacting you again. Users can block new conacts that start chats, or add them to contact list. If you’re near someone that you want to add in Telegram, both contacts can now open the People Nearby menu (Contacts > Add People Nearby) and quickly exchange contact information. The feature is great if you need to add several people all at once, rather than swapping phone numbers individually you can see the entire list of people and add them quickly. Another new feature is local groups. Once one has been created, anyone in the vicinity can see the group in the People Nearby section. Telegram is targeting this feature at people visiting venues, attending events, or students in dormitories or an apartment building, but really anyone can put it to any creative use they can think of. If you’ve ever created a channel or group on Telegram but later decided that you’re not interested in maintaining the community anymore, there really was no good way to pass ownership of the group on to someone else. In this update, however, there’s a new Transfer Group Ownership button that you can access from the admin settings allowing you to transfer ownership to someone else. Some other changes include improvements to notification exceptions, the addition of Siri shortcuts to open chats, and the revamped theme picker on iOS will let you see different themes before you apply them, you can also change the Telegram icons on iOS too. The new update has already been pushed out on Android and iOS so be sure to check for and apply the update if you’ve not done so already.
  20. Good Bananas or Bad Bananas?
  21. Well if apple can make one that works, is released to the market and stays out. Then they can have the title. Very True, but i'm betting on Samsung to do it first. but ya never know. Yea they might do, and good luck to them. It will have to be long past the first generation of the form factor before i part with cash.
  22. Using the latest dev beta of iOS 13 on my XS, it’s been okay. Not terrible, but you definitely know you’re in a beta, too many numerous issues to list, but it’s certainly not unusable.
  23. You can now register for Microsoft and BBC Learning's new TV series, My World by Hamza Jawad Image via Microsoft Education (YouTube) Microsoft has today announced that registration is now open for its upcoming TV series, My World. The film series is a collaboration between the Redmond giant and BBC, and aims to provide children with polished critical thinking, among other skills. Particularly focused towards children between the ages of 10 and 16, My World will look to provide educators with the means of teaching young children how to discern between fact and fiction among news in today's day and age. The series consists of 10 episodes; each week's episode will feature a different theme that will be incorporated into an online learning module. These modules will require students to participate in various exercises that will enable them to build their media awareness, and hence, develop their critical thinking. Various international issues will take center stage in order to aid the maturing of students' thought process regarding bias and trustworthiness of news sources. The following core curriculum skills have been identified as part of the learning process: Evaluating the argument and specific claims in a text while distinguishing claims that are supported by reasons and evidence from claims that are not. Following and evaluating the argument and specific claims in a text, assessing whether the reasoning is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient; recognizing when irrelevant evidence is introduced. Integrating and evaluating multiple sources of information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words in order to address a question or solve a problem The series has been executive-produced by famous actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, alongside BBC World Service. You can sign up or learn more about My World here.
  24. I wouldn’t say it was terrible. Regardless of how well Explorer works, visually it is jarringly out of step with the look of Windows 10. If that isn’t an oxymoron.
  25. Does anyone know if the Macpro 2010 is compatible with this beta?
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