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  2. Note: I don't have any idea on the currency being used here, so all units are from a NL website with numbers that are somewhat close to the original "1449" whatever that might represent... From a quick look at the pricing, it seems to me that the most gaming Value right now might come from a focus on a 1070. Your 1650 unit for reference: GF75 [17 inch] - 1449 - The 1650 seems a bit weak. The 1060 is similar in performance to a 1650 but the 2060 is quite a jump up - seems like a larger jump than any 1xxx to 2xxx. The 1660 Ti is similar to a 1070. 1060: MSI GF62 [15 inch] - 1299 - HP Omen 17-an194nd [17 inch] - 1349 - 2060: MSI GL63 [15 inch] - 1659 - 1660 Ti: GS75 [17 inch] - 2049 - 1070: HP Omen 15-dc0982nd [15 inch] - 1649 - HP Omen 17-an104nd [17 inch] - 1899 - 2070: MSI GE75 [17 inch] - 2249 - Asus ROG Strix GL704GW-EV004T [17 inch] - 2249 - Lenovo Legion Y740-17ICHg 81HH000RMH [17 inch] - 2349 -
  3. this.... Xbox Live Gamer Zone: Recreation This zone is designed for casual gamers who just want to have fun. You might be a recreation gamer if … - You only have one Xbox 360™, and it stays in the living room. For the most part. - You like to meet new people and talk about the latest movies, music, and (of course) video games. - You only venture into ranked games by accident. - You treat every day like Casual Friday. - You think keeping score is only fun when you're winning. - You are physically capable of leaving mid-game if you need A) food, B) a restroom, or C) to go to work. Xbox Live Gamer Zone: Family This zone is where those "kids of all ages" you're always hearing about can gather for family-friendly gaming. You might be a family gamer if … - You require a parent and/or guardian to set up your Xbox Live account. - You're playing a game with your Mom/Grandma/rich Aunt and want to maintain a wholesome atmosphere. - Covenant Brutes give you nightmares, literally. - You have kids, are a kid, or never stopped being a kid. - You knitted four matching wireless controller cozies, one for each member of your household. With love, of course. Xbox Live Gamer Zone: Pro The Pro gamer is the truly hardcore—gamers who are there to play and to win, improving their gamerscore. You might be a pro gamer if … - You automatically mute the "human beat box" gamers and you automatically boot the "trash-talking chucklehead" gamers. - You've actually won real prize money in videogame competitions. - You never play anything but ranked games, and your rank has never gone anywhere but up. - You check leaderboards for games that aren't even playable online. - You own griefer insurance. Which, if you don't have it, is quite a deal and I would be happy to assist you if it existed. Xbox Live Gamer Zone: Underground The Underground is where anything goes—and usually does. You might be an underground gamer if … - You are the "human beat box" or "trash-talking chucklehead" (and proud of it). - You rock with extreme vengeance and other totally intense buzzwords. - People shout "griefer!" and you say "Yeah, whaddaya want?" - You take out whole teams online. Including your team. - You'd rather get revenge than win.
  4. Is it ANY coincidence that their "social media" networks have all of these problems with privacy and data issues? no. They were meant to entice people to be addicted to them. The endorphin rush when someone responds to a post etc. Gaggle, Fakebook/Lifelog, Twitter, Instapr0n... they want to know where you are. like one massive global spy grid. Hey guys, I see news reports about on Instagram posts a lot. Instagram. The place where women flock to see who can push the envelope of near nakedness.
  5. If i recall, didn't Xbox 360 live accounts have a setting that let you choose a level of content you would be willing to get, like "underground" let them know you were okay with seeing and hearing toxic crap and matched you up with under "underground" set accounts?
  6. Yeah. I view Ballmer's tenure as 10 years of wasted opportunity. He kept the ship afloat is all that could be said.
  7. You know telemetry has been a part of Windows since at least XP. Yep, and no one wanted it even then! No one tossed such a big fit about it till Windows 10 though. And actually, while I agree to the option to have it on or not, some basic level of telemetry is needed or how will they know if a update breaks something? Or if some apps aren't working due to a API change or something? Or if some driver is the cause of a BSOD from a 3rd party hardware maker? I'm perfectly fine with MS collecting basic and anonymous error data so they can fix issues and know what's working and what's not. Exactly. "Telemetry" should be re-branded to "quality control". All modern OS's have it.
  8. The screens that the user sees look like stone age Windows 3.0! It's like trying to use DOS programs at that tiny screen and only on your right eye!
  9. Yes but you seem to discount the fact that Huawei customers are not just Chinese people. There is going to be consumer outcry possibly against both Chinese and US companies. Many million of peoples' investment is at stake here...
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  11. May 23, 22:30 Eastern (May 24, 02:30 UTC)
  12. To many developers, Intel GPUs still = notebooks (despite that Intel GPUs stopped smelling up the joint merely with 44xx, which dates back to Sandy Bridge). How widely did 44xx get deployed? While notebooks was a major area for Sandy Bridge deployment, it was not even the biggest area where merely HD44xx got deployed - that area was - surprisingly - desktops; Celeron-G, Pentium-G, and Core-i.
  13. dead.cell

    German firm Infineon suspends shipments to Huawei

    Your own analysis is simply dead in water. Based on Faux News proudly presents by Fox News Notice I didn't say they were guilty, unlike some of the folks who sat on the edge of their seat for a two-year investigation resulting in hot air. I'm not damning anyone here, just giving perspective from actions I've seen by people who work to protect their cash flow. Not everything is black and white, and many people walk the line or even tip-toe over it from time to time. If you give two craps about Huawei, you should probably hope they haven't drifted too far that could further hurt the company, especially when you have Trump just looking for any reason to pull the trigger on them.
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  15. aka2k

    PlayStation employees stunned by Sony's deal with Microsoft

    Crossed fingers for a surprise Gran Turismo for Windows.
  16. You are going to keep the laptop for 5 years You can't upgrade GPU so some thought on how to aim for a 1070 or 2070 might be worthwhile Edit: the 1660 Ti is in same range as 2070
  17. "instead of google crap" Yeah, because half-baked Chinese software is so much better... I'm no fan of Google but c'mon lol. Remember the Chinese hardware also once used to be half-baked. Now, US companies can only dream to compete with Huawei on that front. Never undermine someone's will power and determination. If they get enough people start using their half-baked crap, they will eventually make it fully baked. Wait... you're saying Chinese hardware is only that of which US companies can dream to compete with? Aren't Qualcomm and Apple leading the front with their chips regarding mobile processing? Hell, even on the desktop front, that's Intel and AMD. The best we have are manufacturers who work with known established companies in the area in attempt to match existing processing capabilities. Even then, I don't see Huawei on that front... Correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not here to hate on them, but Huawei is putting premium phones together using existing tech, which basically makes them the Chinese Apple except they still aren't designing their own chips, rather just improving the processes to be a step above the other Chinese companies. I'll praise them for their work and efficiency, or even ideas when it comes to folding smartphones, but I'm at a loss what you mean regarding hardware...
  18. As I said before you have to be moron to use Smart Phone and any of these social sites and cloud services.
  19. How long have you been under the rock? Or perhaps you are the case study of why people shouldn't watch Fox News? No, I don't watch the news I'm a Forex Broker. Obliviously you'll have no pictorial idea what that profession entitles so we won't melt your small little brain defining it.
  20. It's really simple. Don't put anything online that you don't want to share with the entire world.
  21. News chopper footage from Cocoa FL
  22. greensabath

    Google Glass is back with a new Enterprise Edition

    I wonder if it still has the DRM built in where it will self-destruct when someone else wears it besides the owner?
  23. notuptome2004

    Google Glass is back with a new Enterprise Edition

    watch the video with Glass Doctors can spend more time with patience and less time on the computer as Glass can in real-time give the info the doctor needs as well as allow them to type everything up right there without spending 2hrs on a computer in another room watch at the 143 mark
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