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  2. Steven P.

    Rogue ads when using my Android phone...

    Thanks! I will report back.
  3. When you're running so many candidates you need an app.
  4. They can't, companies are people too we've been told
  5. I wish companies would stay out of politics.
  6. Not necessarily. There are plenty of higher-paying white-collar jobs that will be far easier to automate than many lower-paid manual jobs. I want to see robots or even AI to replace all those politicians in DC.
  7. Apple News launches Democratic candidate guide ahead of debates by Paul Hill Apple has launched a new section for Apple News which acts as a guide to the Democratic candidates before the first TV debates. The initiative is part of a wider trend where technology companies play their part to make sure that people are getting accurate information about politics and politicians, in a time of supposed misinformation campaigns. The candidate guide compiles information about each of the candidates from a wide range of news sources such as ABC News, Axios, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, Politico, The Hill, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TIME, USA Today, Vox, and more. Rather than using algorithms to pull in data, Apple is using a team of Apple News editors in order to curate the news. Aside from the latest news, users can read a biography about each candidate and learn about their positions on different issues. Discussing the new feature, Lauren Kern, editor-in-chief of Apple News, said: “The 2020 Democratic field is complex, and we want to offer Apple News readers a trusted place to learn more about candidates they’re familiar with and those they may be hearing about for the first time. The candidate guide in Apple News is a robust and reliable resource, connecting readers to valuable at-a-glance information and to great journalism from our partners.” If you’re away from the TV during the debate, you can get up to date snippets through Apple News courtesy of NBC News. There will also be fact-checking coverage to judge any doubtful claims the politicians try to make. If you’ve got a preferred runner in the race, you can favorite the candidate so you’ll be continually updated about their campaign.
  8. Brandon

    GPD announces the P2 Max, a 8.9-inch ultrabook

    I have a hard time seeing a use-case for this. I had a few of these netbook sized laptops back in the day - A Dell Mini and a few Asus 9-10" netbooks. The truth is that it's a complete PITA to type on a keyboard that small. It might be fine for taking occasional notes, but any type of productivity would be very limited. Not to mention, that high of a res screen is a bit wasted on a device that small and if anything else would make things a lot harder to read due to small fonts and everything. Also, since it's not a 2-in-1, the touch feature isn't all that useful. If this were an 11.6" size, I think it would be a great device especially with those specs. Big enough to be productive on the go, small enough to slip into any bag.
  9. Motorola cancels Android Pie update for Moto Z2 Force units that aren't on Verizon by Rich Woods If you've got a Moto Z2 Force in the United States and were patiently waiting for your Android 9.0 Pie update, don't hold your breath. Motorola posted in Lenovo support forums this week that unless you have the Verizon unit, you won't get the update in the U.S. The reason that the Verizon will still get it is because it's necessary to enable support for the 5G Moto Mod. While the Moto Z3 was branded as the first 5G-upgradeable phone, Motorola had promised that it would bring the functionality to older devices like the Z2 Force. Presumably, it's more work than its worth to create a separate Android Pie update that doesn't support the 5G Moto Mod. After all, the 5G Moto Mod only works with Verizon variants of the Moto Z series of handsets. Even unlocked models won't work. The real disservice to consumers here though is that Motorola really hasn't offered much of a reason to upgrade from the Moto Z2 Force. The Moto Z3 has the same internal specs but it had a taller display, moving the fingerprint sensor to the side. This year's Moto Z4 swaps out the Snapdragon 835 for a Snapdragon 675, turning what was once decidedly a flagship smartphone lineup into a mid-range device. It would seem that the driving factor to upgrade at this point would be for software updates.
  10. Copernic

    ActivePresenter 7.5.7

    ActivePresenter 7.5.7 by Razvan Serea ActivePresenter is a screen recording, video editing, and eLearning authoring tool with a range variety of powerful features, helping you to capture screen and edit captured videos in a matter of minutes. Create professional screencasts that contain stunning annotations and effects, high-resolution graphics, videos, and voiceovers. You can capture any application on your computer, customize it easily by adding background music, closed caption, zoom-n-pan, etc., and finally export it to popular outputs (video, document) that can run on any device or platform. ActivePresenter allows you to generate the presentations in many different output forms such as image, videos (MP4, MKV, and AVI), HTML SlideShows, HTML5 simulations, and documents. More importantly, ActivePresenter free version provides full access to all video editing features, and you can edit and export videos without time limit, watermarks, or ads. ActivePresenter Free Edition features: Advanced recording features: Full Motion Recording, Smart Capture Video editing: Cut, Crop, Join, Change Volume, Speed Up, Slow Down, Blur Multiple Audio/Video Layers Rich annotations: Shapes, Image, Zoom-n-Pan, Closed Caption, Cursor Path, Audio/Video Overlays Automatic Smart Annotation Export to: MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WebM, MKV No Watermark and No Time Limit Clean & Safe: No adware, No Annoying Ads ActivePresenter 7.5.7 fixes: Text is not converted correctly when opening some version 6 - projects. Bullet styling works incorrectly in some cases. The program crashes when editing shapes in some cases. Video saving issue when copying to slide pools. Can not reset to default slide name by typing an empty value. [Recording]: Empty slide created when dragging mouse. [HTML5]: Some specific keys on Finnish keyboard don't work on Firefox. [HTML5]: Question randomization is not even. [HTML5]: The program crashes when exporting some projects. Download: ActivePresenter 7.5.7 (64-bit) | 45.5 MB (Free, paid upgrade available) Download: ActivePresenter 6.1.6 (32-bit) | 34.8 MB Download: ActivePresenter 7.5.7 for macOS | 60.3 MB Links: ActivePresenter Website | Demos | Tutorials Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  11. can it make phone calls ?
  12. If they could roll out some improvments to Youtube TV, I'd be happier.
  13. I have to agree on that, it was a big mistake for Nokia to get into bed with Microsoft at the time, at least if they wanted to support Windows Mobile, that fine but they went exclusively to a brand that wasn't proven and that prove costly for them. What Nokia should have done is support both Android and Windows Mobile and let the market decide, if they did, Nokia wouldn't likely have got into the troubles they did and likely would still be a big player now without being bought out.
  14. The actual external display will probably have features to prevent burn-in, this just helps the laptop save power by only having to send what's changed.
  15. "YouTube improves video recommendations to give users more control" BS
  16. I developed for the old Symbian and WinCE/PPC/WM (Microsoft really likes to play with names). It was horrible. At the peak, developers earned 20% while the merchant earned the rest 80%. Programming for VB was funny, it works, it was fast and easy but it was the main pro. Yeah I remember those days, Microsoft was in a good position that they could have dominated the store fronts for PC gamers by having one built into Windows, they could of dominated smartphones if they pushed things like the Ipaq more aggressively in that field and we already know about the browsers war, Microsoft had it and more or less give it away to Firefox which allow Chrome to dominate. Microsoft had it all to lose and they lost in many areas by bad decision making.
  17. Microsoft announces new podcast series centered around the future of healthcare by Hamza Jawad Microsoft is no stranger to the use of modern tech in the world of healthcare. Today, the company has unveiled a new podcast series that focuses upon the future of healthcare. Dubbed NextGen Health, the series covers several interesting aspects of the industry, such as personalizing patient experience, empowering care teams, and more. The series showcases interviews with providers using groundbreaking tech, as well as with Microsoft Healthcare industry experts. A number of scenarios have been discussed by the tech giant over the course of this series to tackle questions like "what's next in healthcare?". One such scenario that has been discussed in the first episode, Reimagining Healthcare, has been described in the following way: "You’re at your doctor’s office. You’re sitting casually in the exam room. Meanwhile, a surgeon is examining your brain. Thankfully, the slices and neural pathways your doctor can see from nearly every angle are on the OpenSight, a HoloLens mixed-reality headset calibrated and developed for surgical use by medical imaging company and Microsoft healthcare partner Novarad.” The Redmond-based company has highlighted some of its services and apps that are playing a role in the healthcare industry, such as Microsoft Teams - that offers a tailor-made communication experience for healthcare organizations. Each episode of NextGen Health offers interactive e-books and white papers to help you learn more about the topics that are touched. Although only six episodes have currently been released, over the course of the full series, Microsoft will be discussing several other topics such the importance of AI in the field of health, genomic breakthrough for effective cancer treatment, and more. For those interested, you can learn more about the podcast here, or delve right into it through Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, or Spotify.
  18. More blatant, how? As for the cameras, I wouldn’t worry; they are run-of-the-mill Sony sensors. There are just four of them and they have excellent software for it. Any OEM can reproduce it, for a price. Speaking of the camera, does anyone remember when Huawei allowed users on some laptops to flip the camera down so it was imposable for the camera to spy on us, I remember the US government not being happy about that. So Huawei was making it easier for us to prevent governments from spying on us and the US government makes a fuss about it, makes you wonder who the real governments that are spying on us. Source? They don’t seem to care that Lenovo uses camera covers. Don't have any on me at the moment but do a Google search, it should come up with some results, it was about 3 years ago when it was making the headlines. Anyway, it speaks volume that Huawei was giving consumers a option to make it harder for governments to spy on us and the US was one if not the only government to have problems with that, which does suggest that the US government is doing a lot more spying on us then they want to led on.
  19. They make damned good products for a fair price that work well. As far as spying, name me one domestic company social media/communications that isn't raping it's users for information without asking for it. The NSA was caught doing exactly what they stated Hauwei was doing and it's illegal for them to also do it. Considering the US owns many companies like Google, Facebook, Twitters and the likes, I suspect they are spying a lot more then what China is doing.
  20. Wonder how many cities Russia and China leveled with nukes. Also kind of curious to know the number of illegal wars they have going on right now. How many coups? How many military bases? How many civilian deaths? How many brainwashed fools spouting propaganda... So because Russia/China didn't nuke anyone in WWII, they're better? Russia never staged a coup? There are famous examples you should probably go look at. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is protesting in the millions regarding a bill that would allow people to be extradited back to China... There is also talk that they feel they are being ruled by China by proxy for that matter. I wonder what they're so peeved about lol. Civilian deaths... man, China is basically slave labour. The biggest criticisms I see about Trump's whole deal with tariffs is also that prices will go up. These so called "China sympathizers" basically just want cheap products. They don't really care about the lives involved here, let's be honest. They just don't want to see their smartphone go up another $100. Brainwashed? Well, that's the masses of all countries. Social media allowing idiocy to spread like a wildfire is to blame, coupled with Russian agents for example who seek (and succeeded) in further dividing the US and other countries. The US is not innocent by any means, but let's cut the crap, yeah? Besides, even let's say you persuaded me that the US is the most evil country on the planet... Why then are the same people who make these sort of arguments also the same people telling us we need to ban guns and restrict freedom of speech? Like.. if the government really is as bad as they say, shouldn't we continue to seek value in our freedoms to protect ourselves? I dunno. I'm getting long-winded here, but these are honest questions that I have. Forget the bias, give me an argument that makes sense and maybe I'll agree with you lol. Right now, I'm just not buying it. China is basically an imperialist power; besides crushing freedoms in Hong Kong, they're also squashing independence movements in Tibet and Xinjiang province, branding Uighur separatists in Xinjiang who want independence as Muslim terrorists and putting them in re-education camps, and still claiming they own Taiwan. At any rate, there were Americans during the days of the Soviet Union who also said they compared favorably to the US and those critical of the USSR were spouting American propaganda, all the while they repeated Soviet propaganda. That's where the term modern use of the term "useful idiot" comes from. There were fools then, and there are fools now. That argument doesn't wash today, the US was a different nation back in the Soviet days, the US is far less trusted around the world today then it was back then and has far less respect from around the world. Beside, this isn't about us liking China actions or not but more about looking at US actions and seeing that they are not much better if better at all and in reality, an alternative to both the US and China would be great because both of them are too controlling with their power games around the world.
  21. Paul1979UK

    Huawei's Watch GT has sold more than two million units

    Why? Mainly because I thought these smart watches ware useless when you had to charge them up everyday and that after a year or so would likely get worse, it wasn't good enough but if they can do 1 week, that changes a lot and makes smart watches far more useful to me. I think they are useless, screens are far too small. But if that what people want then so be it, myself i will still stick with my cheap casio watch. The screen size looks fine to me, beside, this isn't like a replacement for our smartphones, it's more to relay information quicker to us from our phones so it's got many useful uses. I know it is not a replacement for our smart phones, since it still need a smart phone to work. Not sure how it can relay information quicker to us, unless you mean quicker because you only have to lift your wrist up instead of taking the phone out of your pocket. Smartwatches are a more nature viewing angle for us to see information then a smartphone that we have to keep taking out of our pocket, there is a lot of information that we could want on the fly and smartwatches are good for that. An example is for fitness training, say you are going for a run and want to see how far you've got or what speed you are going at, with a smartwatch, you only have to glance at it to see the results. it is bad enough with people walking around looking at their smartphone, just imagine if they are looking at their watch all day. May be fine for some, still see little point in them, but then my phone stays in my pocket 99% of the time, I do not live for my phone like some people, I have no idea what some people would do if the networks all went down for a couple of days. As for running, me? run? hell no, my running days are over. I think that would be better because it's a more natural angle and you can glance at it whereas with a smartphone you have to go out of your way to get it out of your pocket, switch it on and look at it. I wouldn't use a smartwatch to look at it all the time but just to glance at it to get the information fast on what I want at the given time and for that it can be really useful. Anyway, running was just a example, there are countless ways these can be useful for different people.
  22. Today
  23. Yeah, Windows 10 lockscreen has ads for store apps turned on by default. It's worse than that a bunch of them are installed with the os by default. And often after you removed them they somehow come back.
  24. YouTube improves video recommendations to give users more control by João Carrasqueira Google today announced a slew of improvements to the way video recommendations are presented on YouTube. Acknowledging that no one knows a user's tastes better than the user, YouTube is implementing some changes that give users more control over what videos are shown in the Homepage and the Up Next section in video pages. The most interesting of these enhancements is the ability to remove specific channels from the recommendations altogether. This way, if you're interested in a certain topic, but don't care for a particular channel about that topic, you won't have to see it anymore. This capability is available starting today on iOS and Android, and it's coming to the desktop experience later. When you get video suggestions from a new channel, YouTube will also now tell you why that video is being recommended. For example, a channel may be recommended to you because other users who follow the channels you follow also follow that one. This feature is now available on iOS, with Android and desktop support coming soon. Finally, you can now tailor the recommended videos page by showing only specific topics that YouTube has determined you're interested in. At the top of the Homepage and the Next Up section under a video, you'll see a list of topics based on your interests, and you can individually select one of those topics so that the recommended videos are only directly related to that topic. This feature will debut on the YouTube app for Android for English users, and support for iOS, desktop, and other languages is coming soon.
  25. I'm actually more curious how the wireless display standards are going to adapt. Currently they're very limited and suffer high latency, but seems more people are interested in wired tech.
  26. TrekRich

    Gabe Aul leaves Microsoft for Facebook

    And he has sold his soul.....!
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