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  2. It is so great that they are following Apple's best practices! Also the upgradable SSDs are a breeze.
  3. The new UI is so ugly!! It also wastes more battery power since so many areas are white!
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  5. this has the vibe of that movie The Interview where all the nice stores are just fake fronts.
  6. The face lift is ok but soooooooo much blinding white! Where is the dark mode?
  7. So is D2 actually leaving Battle.Net? I have always hated how Battle.Net shows games I never play, one less game is a step in the right direction for me.
  8. StarHopper: updated dates Dates: August 26, 27, 28 Times: 1500 - 0100 Eastern
  9. You must be new here. People complain about Google all the time. It's also common for them to complain against Google in articles that aren't about Google.
  10. Some people may not want to out ALL their eggs in one basket.
  11. Thanks for saying, Captain Obvious
  12. Embrace. Extend. Extinguish. Or wait - that was some other company. Looks pretty.
  13. Password managers, SSO, MFA, and if you wanna go hardcore, hardware tokens. Rotating passwords is stupid, and actually causes users to just increment their existing password, Monkey1.
  14. That is a terrible idea.... Any decent password manager will let you store software license information. LastPass, PasswordState...
  15. DentedAphid7

    Monitor powering on but now showing any display

    What adapter you using? I mean what brand and which one? (That shouldn't really matter) Have you go to setting and detect/enable dual display? (I had to do that on mine) Is HDMI cable at it's faults? (Could be faulty cable or the cable don't support your desired resolution)
  16. It worked for me and my account today, though we have AAD P2 licenses. We don't have ESR though. It didn't auto sign in using the logged in persona on the PC though, as I would've liked. Had to sign in manually inside Edge itself. Before I roll this out to my users (once it reaches final of course), the sign in needs to be seamless. Mine signed in automatically which was nice but I'm missing the sync so it's pretty much useless IMO.
  17. Damn, these screen sizes are killing me. The first great affordableish phone I could find on Verizon was the Oneplus 6t but 6.4-inch screen? Jesus Christ. My 5'7 inch phone feels too big. Damn, I loved the size of the s7 .. 5.1 inches .mmmm
  18. Do you mean like Pierre L' Enfant that designed Washington DC? You're really going to try and compare contemporary city planning designs to intentionally having government spies work for an American company with the explicit purpose of stealing intellectual property? Did you read the article and the post I replied to?
  19. Storing passwords in the browser gives me the heebeegeebeez
  20. I think the old Android Market moniker was the better name rather than Play store.
  21. Edge Dev build is out, and password syncing is live for everyone by Rich Woods There's been quite a bit of news about Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser this week. There was a build from the stable channel that leaked, and then Microsoft announced that Edge Beta is finally available. You'll find that the new Collections feature is available in the Canary branch, and you can now sign in with a work or school account. But now, it's time for this week's Edge Dev build. Most of the new features are pretty minor, but Microsoft highlighted some existing features that were previously rolling out gradually, and are now available for everyone. For one thing, Tracking Prevention is now fully available, and so is password and form fill syncing. This is certainly worth noting. Previously, the only way to get your stored passwords was to install the old browser you were using, and then install Edge. Now, you should just be able to install Edge on a new PC and you'll be good to go. Here are the new features listed for Edge build Added a warning message when giving websites permission to access a device’s location if Windows 10’s global location permission is disabled. Added support for exiting full screen mode using the ESC key on Mac. Added the ability for websites to detect when they’re running on Windows in S mode. And of course, there are a bunch of fixes. Here are the stability fixes: Fixed a crash during the first run experience. Fixed an issue where navigating to a new site in an IE mode tab sometimes crashes the browser. Fixed an issue where IE mode tabs crashed when opening certain URLs. Fixed an issue where using IE mode in InPrivate sometimes crashes the browser. Fixed an issue where an IE mode tab that’s frozen can sometimes freeze the entire browser. Fixed an issue where searching for apps on edge://apps sometimes causes the page to crash. Fixed an issue where some websites installed as apps won’t load on Mac. Fixed a crash when using media casting. Here are the behavior fixes: Fixed an issue where searching in the address bar sometimes uses Bing despite a different search provider being selected. Fixed an issue where searches from the address bar sometimes bring back results from the wrong locale. Fixed an issue where right clicking on some browser UI is instead treated as a left click. Fixed an issue where the tooltip for the Stop button had a placeholder string in it ($1). Fixed an issue where browser syncing sometimes gets stuck in the “Initialization” state. Fixed an issue on Mac where the theme selection dropdown in Settings didn’t work. Changed the keyboard combination to open the More menu (…) on Mac. Fixed an issue where screenshots weren’t able to be sent alongside feedback. Fixed an issue where uninstalling websites that were installed as apps from the Start Menu doesn’t remove them from the edge://apps page. Fixed an issue where opening PDF files using Application Guard sometimes fails. Fixed an issue where IE mode tabs would sometimes prevent the window they’re in from being closed. Fixed an issue where IE mode tabs sometimes don’t have their content sized properly when the tab first loads. Fixed an issue where using Read Aloud sometimes causes webpage content to move unexpectedly. Fixed an issue where the link to manage favorites opens in the current tab instead of a new one. Changed management policies to apply to all installed channels on Mac instead of targeting individual channels. As you can see, the new Edge browser is really coming along, especially since it's now available through the Beta branch, which is updated every six weeks. Of course, there are still some key features missing, such as the ability to sync history and extensions, and native ARM64 support.
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