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  2. People care about their products and services working. If they largely use Microsoft hardware/software, then it only makes sense for people to complain more about Microsoft hardware/software. This idea that we need to be loud about everything, including products/services we don't use is just silly. We'd end up like you, complaining about everything under the sun, including worrying about whether people are complaining too much or too little. That's just exhausting...
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  4. Be damn handy after they take your phone also
  5. LostCat

    Random power cut outs

    I'd say either overheating issues (you might need to redo the thermal crap on the CPU, or a fan might be failing) or the capacitors on the motherboard going bad.
  6. I’ve tried the alternatives to Lightroom/Photoshop, sadly nothing is there yet. but with video I’ve switched to Davinci Resolve. I can’t wait for some to make something as good for photos and then it’s see ya later, Adobe.
  7. Extra storage on a phone is way cheaper than data usage, at least where I live. Watching Netflix on the go would hit most people's caps rather quickly.
  8. propaganda and crap. Govt ###### on you
  9. Brandon H

    Random power cut outs

    I'd also try installing fresh on another partition/drive and let it sit idle for a bit to rule out corruption on your current install
  10. It's great at night to prevent retinal bleeding, or possibly because it's easier on the eyes than a stark white screen at midnight.
  11. Mindovermaster

    Random power cut outs

    Well, being you tried another PSU with no improvements, I would look at your RAM, HDD/SSD, or CPU/motherboard. How did you come up with the assumption that the PSU was bad? Try running memtest, check if memory is OK. Also try using the HDD/SSD SMART data, let us know if you see anything wrong. Might want to reset everything, too. RAM/CPU/ 24-pin, 8-pin, etc. Check your computer stability with a Ubuntu Live-CD. If it does not do thiis, then we can blame Windows now.
  12. This is only proof how little money was returned to infrastructure. Virgin Media was kind enough to provide wifi routers at each station. They could of easily provide WiFi access point across the line
  13. In all fairness it does drop across 4 walls but it is still aceptable. I used to run a powerline to my desktop but the data rate and constant resets became annoying. I opted in for a PCE-AC68 wifi card which solved my issue. To my surprise I can sometimes get reception in the garden, 25 meters away but I need to be standing in line to the route. Another problem is the number of wifi networks near me. I believe AX wifi routers (With non existent AX clients) are even better over walls
  14. BMW teams up with Tencent to build computing center in China for autonomous vehicles by Stergios Georgopoulos By law, foreign companies doing business in China are forbidden from hosting Chinese-origin data without local partnerships. To that end, German luxury car manufacturer BMW has joined forces with Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent to build a computing center in China that will support the development of self-driving cars for the world’s largest automotive market. The partnership will not involve Tencent’s own self-driving technology, as BMW uses equipment from Intel-owned Mobileye for its autonomous vehicles. Instead, the pair will build a computing center in the eastern city of Tianjin that will be responsible for handling all the data produced by the myriad of sensors that self-driving vehicles depend on. The new center will leverage Tencent’s cloud computing capabilities and provide the German automaker with vast amounts of computing power to analyze real-time road and traffic conditions. The center will also enable the company to “develop autonomous driving solutions that fit better with the specific driving conditions in China,” Jochen Goller, head of BMW’s China operations, said in a statement. The Chinese computing center is expected to come online by the end of the year and follows the launch of a similar computing center in Munich, where the automaker is headquartered, which began operations earlier this year. The two companies did not disclose any financial details about the deal. Source and Image: Reuters
  15. I would rather use Krita, I dont think photoshop is worth my kidney
  16. pay for all that biased content again, no thanks!
  17. Road Closures Jul 22. 2000-2300 Central, 2100-0000 Eastern (wet dress rehearsal?) July 24-25. 1400-2300 Central, 1500-0000 Eastern (hop)
  18. 3 months does absolutely nothing to entice me to subscribe. You used to be able to download the Adobe CC Desktop App then just create a free Adobe ID and get 90 days free trial of ANY of the CC apps you download, I am not sure if this is still the case or not though.
  19. I can't wait to pay for state sponsored propaganda.
  20. 'Killing' is the new common thing in Microsoft. What else have they took down??
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  22. The good thing about xiaomi smartphones is including large batteries. 4000mAh should be minimum and ideally 5000mAh - increases the bulk slightly, but it actually lasts the phone well over a day and half
  23. Well, this is on top of the ~€1 billion last year, coupled with I believe the Taiwan and South Korean FTC each fining them huge fines as well. $774 million by Taiwan FTC $242.9 million Korean FTC (which was lowered I think a lot from the original fine) True and it must be quite a worry for many companies because more countries are getting in on the act and I suspect more will be bold to go after companies that do wrong, China is a country that likely will go after companies that do wrong once enough invest in China enough but for now, the EU and US are the two big players that can give big fines out, others are being more careful about it.
  24. Haven't seen it on a Home account, so maybe it is just Personal only ones?
  25. It's no wonder Kodi is doing so well, I mean, how many subscriptions do they want us to sign up to to cover all the programs we want to watch? Say what we want about Kodi but it's delivering a better quality of service for free and all in one place and these other companies need to get their act together because their greeds is turning people away to pirate a lot of what they watch. In other words, I don't have a problem with subscriptions but having all the programs spread over so many pay walls isn't very consumer friendly as it can get mighty expensive, hence why Kodi is doing so well.
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