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  2. lt be brutal for Google, if other phone manufacturers decide that they do not want to be next and produce their own operating system, Google have had far too much power in the phone market for far two long, just like Microsoft has with Windows. Other phone manufacturers wont, well, unless they're Chinese based like ZTE etc. But Huawai is the biggest and thus it gets the boot. This has nothing to do with security, per se, that's just a cover. This is another step in the trade war. And if you think it sucks for Huawai and is bad for google, well, you guys need to read up on the BS China pulls when it comes to US companies and the BS controls they have in place to keep their market in check. I didn't mean imply that there was a serious possibility that vendors would drop Play Store. Amazon went that way and we know the result I was just emphasising the fact that Huwai's problem is not the OS but play store.
  3. Indeed, I enjoyed their Star Trek Voyager:Elite Force game:
  4. warwagon

    Password Methodology

    LastPass generated for my 521 LastPass passwords. Using your example of neowin.netPassword123 I'm assuming the password at the end is always the same and the domain is added to the front. That's good if they are trying to crack your password, but horrible if someone gets a hold of a single one of your passwords in a site breach and sees how you do it. Then your house of cards crumbles as they start going to every website putting the domain in front such as paypal.comPassword123
  5. The way American companies like Google and Facebook track users is illegal and used in an abusive manner, going as far to influence elections with targeted ads. And Israel is developing and deploying malware in an abusive way for political ends, something it has openly admitted. Yet unsubstantiated accusatitons against Huawei are enough for it to be blacklisted. It's a complete double standard. I could understand if Google made this move in America, as it has to abide by Trump's ridiculous executive orders, but this affects everyone outside of America. The sooner Trump is jailed for his crimes the better.
  6. LOC

    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    Wow, if last night doesn't prove Vince is beyond out of touch with the wrestling world right now I don't know what else does. I wasn't one of those IWC smarks calling on Vince to step down as CEO or head of creative or anything, but after last night I'm rethinking that opinion.
  7. SnoopZ

    Password Methodology

    I use Lastpass then I don't need to remember any of them and it works on mobile with fingerprint too. Just let Lastpass generate the passwords.
  8. So if this has to do with them tracking people with the phone without knowledge or permission of the user, does this mean they should ban Androids....because Google's already doing this. I'm not really saying ban Androids, I'm just getting annoyed with large organizations doing illegal things and just waiting till they're caught to reverse it....but in the meantime they gain a lot from it. FaceBook and Google have been doing this quite a bit. I'm sure others do it as well.
  9. This should be sorted now. It looks like an old version of the mod we use to fix this was installed. I've replaced it with the latest version
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  11. Nick H.

    Password Methodology

    Interestingly, if you go to and start typing that password out, at "correcthorsebatterystapl" it says it will take 7 quadrillion years to crack. When you add the e it drops down to "instantly" because of the comic.
  12. CrashGordon

    Password Methodology

    LastPass autogenerate
  13. That will most likely happen too. I don't see how Microsoft could escape this ruling when Google, Intel, Qualcomm etc all have to comply.
  14. Aokromes

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    no legislation at all on European Union.
  15. They already have pretty good hardware, and have been working on their own OS for 5 years now... This is going to hurt the US far more than it will hurt Huawei. Samsung could also go out on their own, tomorrow if they needed to. The USA is way behind in technology these days. Thats why they are trying to restrict what the far better Huawei can sell to the USA. Its called protectionism. Hardware isn't really the problem here though. It's all about software and people living outside of China will not buy smartphones without Google software on it. Not just Android because they can fork it or use the AOSP but all the services most people rely on like Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail etc.
  16. Kvuivbribumok

    German firm Infineon suspends shipments to Huawei

    I wonder how the Chinese gov will react to this because all this news basically means that Huawei can forget about selling phones outside of China and it's ambition to dethrone Samsung as #1 manufacturer in the world...
  17. They won't. Manufacturers and MSDN etc have had 1903 for some time now, they've been fixing any issue with cumulative updates. It's *highly* unlikely they would ship another build.
  18. spikey_richie

    Password Methodology

  19. Human.Online

    Password Methodology

    I let Keychain generate a long password, and then never type it, leaving Keychain to authenticate via facial or fingerprint.
  20. InsaneNutter

    Password Methodology

    Let your password manager generate something totally random for you. All my passwords are totally random like this: Ma^Ce@JZ}dZGA7+GnFg:ruI~1x3g19DhwxqRBp*jUn1i!E%Jeb and are unique to every website.
  21. The guy who thinks buying apps is "disrespecting yourself" and uses a flip phone is going to tell us which phones are best. Yeah... Okay. This guy literally spouts nonsense, he's said a LOT worse.
  22. Certainly guilty until proved innocent in this instance. This will make any future phones sold internationally a very hard sell without the Play Store and Play Services. Even if Huawei do their own app store like Samsung it will be a lot of work to get all the popular apps on there. Would the ban also mean that if the app was from the US it couldn't go on there anyway? Good point, so a lot of the popular apps would be unavailable regardless. Even a competing app store like Amazon would be a no go with that in mind. F-Droid has open source apps only, so wouldn't have most of what the average person is going to be looking for i'd imagine. It will be interesting to see what Huawei do, in China it won't affect them regardless as Google might as well not exist there. However it could quite easily finish them elsewhere in the world.
  23. Google / facebook etc are already banned in China, and blocked by their firewall. This will have minimal impact on China, only the US will suffer, by not getting great tech, cheaply. Lots of other great tech out there and it can be made cheaply in other places besides China.
  24. Google / facebook etc are already banned in China, and blocked by their firewall. This will have minimal impact on China, only the US will suffer, by not getting great tech, cheaply.
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