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  2. Mindovermaster

    HP Pavilion vs HP Omen; good quality build for a notebook

    What he said. Pavillion is their consumer level. Omen is their "gaming" level. Similar to ASUS ROG. I'm not sure about Omen, but Pavillion is utter crap... What are you going todo with it? Working? Kind of games? Unless portability is on your mind, get a Desktop. You will get more bang for your money.
  3. Brandon H

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Huawei MateBook 13 (U.S. only)

    would love to pick this up as a replacement to my current laptop what I like most about it is how nice it looks and it has a fair amount of power
  4. TrekRich - AI is like bad karaoke; headed for unavoidability. (I'm expecting it to hit Excel and Access before year-end.) Because I'm an Office Insider (though one that hardly uses PowerPoint), the fact that I *have* PowerPoint means that I could not avoid this update either.
  5. I have never intentionally struck the menu key, so anything could be better. If there was a toggle between mail and calendar display in Outlook I might use that...
  6. People are usually wrong (PowerPoint AI suggestion).
  7. Right windows key? huh? I've only ever seen the win key on the left and the context menu key on the right that's even how MS keyboards are so I assume you mean the context menu key which is left out on most compact keyboards? Maybe you haven't used desktop keyboards or computers long enough? It exists. There's a reason we have two Alts, two Ctrls, two Shifts, two Win keys - they're pressed in combination so regardless of which hand you use, they should be comfortably in reach with one hand. The makers don't get it any more.
  8. I think considering how huge Office has become, having a dedicated hardware key makes sense.
  9. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    Microsoft announces new updates for OneNote and Class Notebooks

    OneNote users have already been screwed badly once with the transition from Win32 Office OneNote to UWP OneNote. I only get burned once per app. Glad that I moved to another note solution. Never going to trust them again with OneNote. Just like it doesn't matter to me any more WHAT they do with Chromium Edge. They've screwed IE users with Edge and Edge users again with Chromium Edge.
  10. Microsoft adds AI features to PowerPoint like Presenter Coach and branded templates by Rich Woods If you're unfamiliar with Microsoft's PowerPoint Designer, it's an assistive AI tool that's meant to help you build better slides, using suggestions for designs. Microsoft announced today that there are now a billion slides made using Designer as of April, and it introduced some new features today. For one thing, Designer now works with branded templates. All of the Design Ideas used are made from layouts in the Slide Master, so the presentation will stay on-brand. Also, companies can optimize their templates for Designer, offering more options. There are also new Designer theme ideas. When you start typing words into a slide in a blank presentation, you'll be offered a bunch of images, which are already licensed for commercial use. The images are meant to work with whatever you typed, and to be a good start for your presentation. Designer perspectives are meant to give context to large numbers. For example, if you use the phrase, "Commercial planes fly at 30,000 feet", it will offer to add something like, "About the height of Mount Everest". Or if you say that Afghanistan is 652,232 square kilometers, it can add that it's about the size of Texas. Finally, and perhaps most interesting, is something called Presenter Coach. This feature will make suggestions based on the way you present. It will gauge your pace, let you know if you use filler words like "uh", and more. When you're done, it will give you a score and suggestions to improve. Presenter Coach is coming to PowerPoint on the web this summer. The rest of the features are rolling out now for Office 365 customers, although Designer perspectives is only available in English.
  11. They claimed they didn't do it! LOL
  12. Right windows key? huh? I've only ever seen the win key on the left and the context menu key on the right that's even how MS keyboards are so I assume you mean the context menu key which is left out on most compact keyboards?
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  14. This is definitely Google trying to save face, but I'm not convinced that they care about end-to-end encryption at all. Google certainly does not want those messages to be private and hidden from them, nor do the carriers.
  15. I've been claiming games for years and I don't think I've played any of them. Maybe I'll get it after building up enough for a free sub too.
  16. This makes you question how ANYTHING they say can be taken at face value!
  17. Today
  18. what. are. you. on. about? ms store sells many brands, i have bought a lot of non-ms products from them. was this a joke? not all local stores sell products laptops. when I click on pc deal, most of this are shipping free. only few stores have brand laptops in stock.
  19. HP consumer products are mediocre with any line other than Spectre, but Pavilions are the worst of those two.
  20. Hopps

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Huawei MateBook 13 (U.S. only)

    My favorite thing about this laptop is it's color. it's grey or black or something.
  21. Ignore me.... apparently you can't delete comments only edit.
  22. Google should have implemented it already. Bell Canada skipped MMS group messaging and went straight to RCS. Bell partnered with Samsung and their messaging app supports RCS but not the Android messaging app which is far superior, especially when using a dual-sim device.
  23. As long as it can be programmed/remapped back into the Menu key or any other key of your choice If OEMs, especially some laptops and ultrabooks actually start including any programmable extra key between right Alt and right Ctrl instead of straightaway omitting the Menu key, that alone will be a big improvement. I currently remap right Ctrl to Menu key and curse my laptop manufacturer daily to die in hell There is even supposed to be a right Windows key but stupid OEMs compromise both Menu key and right Win key.
  24. Microsoft's trying to be Apple in pricing. 😂
  25. I am looking at the HP Pavilion 17-cd0700ndHP or HP Omen 17-cb0600nd for a working/gaming notebook. Since I have no experience with HP notebooks... are these any good? What is the difference between the HP Pavilion gaming lineup and HP Omen? And what is the quality standard like in comparison with Asus or MSI?
  26. Poverty isn't the target market for Nitendo it seems. Not exactly that us Canadians live in poverty but close. Just game prices are to crazy and aren't worth the price tag. I can think of 1 game worth $90
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