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Question about Time Machine backup with tricky partition setup

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Shadrack    601

My setup is as following:

80GB Intel SSD

* Macintosh SSD - 80GB Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

250GB Seagate HDD

* Storage HDD - 209GB Mac OS Extended

* Secure - 40.58 Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

These partitions are being backed up to a single 500GB external HDD with Time Machine.

It's noteworthy that my iOS backups are directed towards Storage HDD partition through Darwin level symlinks. My iTunes media collection is also on the Storage HDD partition.

What I would like to do is re-partition my 250GB Seagate HDD into a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition and named "Storage HDD" and then restore my Time Machine backup of the Storage HDD partition files to my newly created partition.

What do you think would be the best approach for this? I'm considering simply doing it from within Mac OS X, run the Disk Utility to repartition, name my new partition "Storage HDD" and then firing up Time Machine and restoring the files. Not sure if there are any "gotchyas" i should watch out for.

Another thought was doing something from the Recovery console.

Thanks for your time and advice.

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Shadrack    601

I just did it from Mac OS X and don't see any problems yet... Time Machine figured out that I wanted to restore old "Storage HDD" files to a new partition named "Storage HDD" and didn't give me any grief over it. That was my main concern (that Time Machine wouldn't want to restore the files because the original "Storage HDD" partition had been destroyed).

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