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Question - slim phones or battery life?

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Daedroth    436

Too make smartphones have a long battery life, you would have to significantly increase the size of the device, or decrease the performance/hardware specifications. It's all fine and dandy comparing an iPhone/Galaxy S2 or whatever with other phones on the market with good battery life, but you would be failing to compare the hardware specification or dimension differences. You cannot have on without the other with the technology of today. I have recently bought a HTC Windows Phone 8S, which is my first smartphone. I'm impressed with it, however the battery life is fairly poor compared to my last phone, which was NOT a smartphone, which went well over a week without needing a charge. I'm slowly getting used to having to charge this phone every night, or every other night if I'm lucky...but I do understand that it is because of the power requirements of the hardware.

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Roger H.    773

I know what he's saying and I fully understand his point, but I never asked why my phone doesn't last as long as a 3330. Just referenced older phones as smart phones are based on those, that's where they started.

But they neglected battery life as we change generations and improved everything else and sacrificed battery life for looks. It was never about smartphones lasting the same length of time as basic phones. I was just trying to point out they could last longer if manufactures would make a better effort and remember what was great about the older generation. Somewhere along the lines someone decided smartphones lasting a day on average would do and no has tried to change it since.

It would be like laptops transforming to ultra books and ultra books only lasting half an hour on battery life because to make them thinner they cut the batteries in size. But that's ok because the screens better and there lighter and thinner and faster and prettier.

As you pointed out (or someone else) battery tech just can't keep up with other tech so you can either have long ago CPUs with today's battery tech to get super long battery life or what we have currently. It's not as if they don't spend tons of money in R&D for batteries, hell before a 2,000mAh battery would be huge in the olden days, probably 2cm (20mm - or 400% larger than todays). Now that same capacity fits into the space of say 120% of the older 850mAH Nokia battery from years ago.

So we'll need some big break in that department or phones will just have to stop getting better (or get better in amazin ways - as in screens and CPUs using super low power) or we'll keep going in the rate we are going now.

In general i get all day usage from my phone - over the holidays had like 5-6hrs of voice calls in 1 day as well as 2hrs of screen time on the Nexus 4. The nexus 4 got 15hrs on a voice call as tested by I don't expect to be doing gaming for 2hrs then music for 2hrs then 3hrs of phone calls on a phone during the day. When would a normal person during a normal day expect that much usage from a phone unless they just sit there playing with their phones all day.

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