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Dollar Dash hits PSN on March 19

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While Dollar Dash was expected to initially launch in October 2012, it will now make its way to PSN on March 19 for $9.99. Developed by Candygun Games, Dollar Dash landed on XBLA and Steam on March 6.

Dollar Dash allows up to four players to compete Bomberman-style in 18 different maps in a race to grab as much cash as possible. The game also features three different "drop-in & jump-out" local and online multiplayer versus modes.


Kalypso Media Digital Ltd., an acclaimed video game publisher, announced today that Dollar Dash will be arrive Tuesday, March 19 in North America on PlayStation?Network for $9.99.

Dollar Dash is a fast-paced free-for-all multiplayer game that enables up to four players to battle it out as cartoon thieves who must make use of extravagant weapons to grab bags of cash and deposit it in a getaway vehicle before it disappears. Developed by Candygun Games, it offers 18 multiplayer maps, countless weapons, deep player customization, and comedic tactics for players to achieve victory.

For more information on Dollar Dash, please visit: For the latest news and updates, please 'Like' us on Facebook.

Dollar Dash is rated EVERYONE 10+ Cartoon Violence & Use of Tobacco. For more information about the ESRB visit

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