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HP 6280 photosmart in Vista hm prem x64 - several yrs out of warr.; ethernet network printer. Printer's connected to network & has IP address. After doing my best to completely uninstall all HP printer software, drivers (based on yrs of accumulated tech support data, KBs, forum posts, experience), the latest d/l of their full package will NOT install correctly. SOME registry entries that HP said to manually delete (in the past), don't exist now. Something's really screwing latest software reinstall.

Actually, it installs very little at all, then says it's completed. However, nothing's installed. After 1st going thru "standard" uninstall methods, then suggested "advanced" methods (which actually solved installation issues in the past), the setup still thinks much of the software or drivers are installed. So, it doesn't install / overwrite what it thinks already exists.

The last time I ran the installer, it didn't even show the option of "recommended" or "custom" installation. Just "install," though rest of the screen looked same as before. It finished in < 1 min. & nothing shows as installed; no errors. Installer won't run in Safe Mode w/ networking. Needs things that Vista can't load in Safe Mode. There are tons of HP logs scattered over C:\. There were some install or setup logs, but not found one that showed actual installation errors for this printer. Don't know if any of the logs I found were "the" main install log.

I'm fairly sure it's showing things already installed because of some registry entries (Vista hm prem x64), that should've been deleted. I also ran Revo Uninstaller after finished w/ HPs uninstallers. It found a few things - most not associated w/ files, drivers or software that I'm having issues reinstalling. I didn't run RevoUninstaller "advanced" registry search.

I kept HP tech support email on steps to manually delete certain HP registry entries; they don't exist, which means the uninstall removed THOSE. When A setup prgm starts & shows several things "already installed," when they don't exist, it's likely getting info from the registry. I've seen it for other mfg's software / drivers.

Unfortunately, I don't know of an HP printer "cleanup utility," like some software has. Their L-1, 2, 3, 4 .bat uninstallers, incl. in the full installer pkg, don't seem to do the trick. I used L3. (I believe "L-4" is the "nuke everything" & I've read some "gurus" say it may damage your machine / registry). Most HP support techs haven't suggested using L-4 (but did L-3).

I know my way around the registry & have never screwed anything up - though I back it up. I find MANY HP printer entries left after uninstalling. Most wouldn't bother anything. My guess is a few show stuff is still installed (basically, the uninstall prgms failed & can't successfully reinstall, even if just wanted to immediately uninstall).

Found a registry key for "Installed products" (HP) w/ ~ 15 CLSIDs. Tracked some & don't seem to be for the problem items. Don't know if there's one big or several small problems. In Registrar Registry Monitor, there are ~ 51,000 results for "HP." Many are for key printer files that were (now uninstalled) in the printer program files folder. MANY because it's an HP PC. Still, only a few registry entries (that should have been deleted) would stop the installer from reinstalling all files, drivers, etc.

Yes, I can install drivers for the printer(s) - even ones from HP's latest basic or full installer (inf file isn't that hard to find). But, I won't (don't think) be able to set ink volume usage, create custom print settings shortcuts, etc., w/o using some of their software. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but my instinct says no. I probably COULD get other scanning software.

Any suggestions on finding & manually deleting, OR getting the uninstaller to take care of "problem" HP reg keys, so it'll install correctly? I seriously considered restoring an Acronis system image - but most recent I have is several mos ago (my bad). EVEN then, the HP uninstaller / installer would STILL have to work correctly or I'd be in same boat.

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