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Microsoft Xbox One - "The truth about DRM"

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Just like they sorted out and planned all of their official statements regarding anything Xbox One related before the May reveal or E3?  :rolleyes:


Didn't almost every Microsoft spokesperson (including Major N) use phrases like "we're still ironing out the details" or "it's still not fully baked" when they were talking about various features of the Xbox One? Or the phrase that trumps all questions but still gives them time to discuss/change/implement features; "we're not talking about that yet. We'll release details in the future as we get closer to launch."


The whole Xbox One announcement was pretty much "we're not talking about that yet", but "trust us its amazing". Then anyone showing any skepticism was branded or shot dead for not swallowing up the PR speak without thinking for themselves or asking questions. It definitely goes down as one of the craziest E3 console launches with rumours being branded false that end up true, details hardly spoken about in regards to features that are apparently "game changing" (why would you not trumpet the **** out of such apparent gold mines?), a huge 180 on those supposed game changers, and then staff members jumping ship.


Then of course the blame of all that lies with "PS fanboys".

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