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XWidget for Android Beta V0.993

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Hi, I developing to port XWidget to Android Platform, this is the first beta . All feedback will grateful .


--Visualization widget designer for Windows PC: you can create widget with XWidgetDesigner for Windows,and One-key to send the widget to your Android Device to preview or run.
--Cross-platform widget: the widget you create on PC can run bouth on Windows platform and Android platform
--Low resource taken: run widget only need 6-12M RAM,not expend CPU in peacetime.
--Battery Friendly: Do not run any core or action after lock screen , has no effect to the lifetime of the battery
--Requires only a few Permissions : only need write external storage and accsess network Permissions .
--Free and NO ads: Without any residual background services and processes: When closing widget will completely exit without permanent backstage to slow down the system
--Support hotspots

[Permissions explained]
write external storage - to save and load widgets
accsess network state - for weather data and download widget from gallery




XWidget Forum:

[How to create widget for android on windows]
1. Make sure check the Phone option: Android System Setting -- Developer option --- "Enabled development" , and "USB debugging". And Disable the Phone option: "Connect storage to PC "
2. Make sure you had install the Android USB Driver on your Windows .
3. Install XWidget for Android apk on your phone and install XWidget for windows.
4. Add a XWidget widget on your phone
5. Plug in your phone with USB to your PC.
6. Open XWDesigner on PC to create a new widget, and press "Android Mode" at top-right , and click button "Send to phone" at top-left
7. click widget on your phone and will popup menu and select menuitem "select widget", then you can find the widget you sent .
6. continue modify the widget with XWDesigner on PC ,and press "Send to phone" ,the widget on phone will auto refresh and update .
7. click "package" in XWDesigner will get a ".xwp" file,then you can share this widget package file . Others XWidget for Android users can download this xwp file and install widget on their phone.

XWidget for Android Beta only support Image/Text/NumbImage/Rotator Controls, and DateTimeCore/WeatherCore/BatteryCore. We are developing to add more controls and cores .

[We need help]
--We need translators
--We need testers
--We need tutorial writers
--We need people to record video tutorials
If you had intresting,please PM me


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Add a new weather widget.

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 XWidgetDesigner for Windows. one-key to send widget to phone to preview or run.



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