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Great artists steal: The iOS 8 features inspired by Android

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styxrtp    6

The funny thing is that Windows Mobile had predictive text way before Android did -- T9 anyone?

And allowing 3rd party keyboards has also been something that WinMo has allowed before Android.  It just depended on the manufacturer of the phone.  So can we just stop with the who copied who here?


The only thing that I'm seeing that under new management, Tim Cook (and company) are finally opening up the potential of iOS that was locked up under Jobs.

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Axel    95

That mentality is exactly why modern society is in such a terrible state. If it will make money then companies will do it, however unsavoury. We've seen drug companies going abroad and running ridiculous experiment on poor communities to avoid regulations; we've seen companies pollute the environment because the regulatory fines are cheaper than disposing of hazardous substances safely; we've seen companies manufacturing food products with pink slime simply because it's cheaper than proper meat; we've seen agrotech companies sue small farmers out of existence when their GMOs contaminate neighbouring fields.


The reason the patent system is such a mess is because of companies like Apple. They sue anyone they can and set ridiculous precedents, which then emboldens them to go further. I couldn't care less whether shareholders are happy - businesses should be expected to behave ethically. Apple has fallen short of that mark.


Not to take sides, but they all do it, not just Apple.  The Apple vs Samsung saga just brought them both to the forefront of the media.  Think about whats going on behind closed doors and what been going on years that we don't know about.


Ultimately, you're measuring others by your own personal standards, rather than viewing companies as cold hard money making machines that they are.  They NEED to be regulated more tightly or they're going to do what they can get away with.  If other companies can take pot shots, then they can too.


I completely agree with what you're saying and in a perfect world it would be great.  It's unfortunately not a perfect world and if the likes of Apple decide to behave like honourable beings, they're effectively dropping their shields and saying "shoot me".  What the industry needs is specific regulations to protect them all from each other.

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