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Just got OneGuide in Canada!  Hooray! I set it up this morning.  Unfortunately, one of the first things I noticed was that it is missing at least one channel from my provider, possibly others.


I've cleared the OneGuide, ensured that I had the right service setup (there are four options for Videotron in my area; I tried them all but only one corresponded with my package).  


Sadly, despite a great deal of searching and posting MS doesn't appear to have a clear explaination about how to report missing channels or incorrect information in the OneGuide.  I tried chatting with an ambassador (useless; I asked the question, they dropped the chat).  I posted on the Xbox Forum (but it doesn't clearly say 'for missing channels go here') and I've PM'd an official person (waiting for a response; it's early).


Does anyone know if there is an official way to report missing channels or even somehow set the OneGuide to at least go to that channel?  At least with the controller, I cannot enter channel numbers manually and the Xbox won't let me go directly to a channel by voice.


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This is the official help document for the issue you're experiencing but if it's not working for you, you may need to talk directly to Xbox Support. Ambassadors are just community level support and there to free up the load on simple issues. They don't have access to the system/account info. Doesn't excuse them being rude or failing to explain that to you, but that's people for you :P


This staffer looks to be dealing with missing channels on the forum. Is he the same one you contacted already?


He asks for this info in PM to help:


-Zip code


-Lineup chosen during setup

-Specific channels and numbers that are missing/wrong

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Thanks for the info.  I already had checked the document and followed the steps (to no avail).  The staffer is indeed the one who I contacted with the information you listed.

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