Cannot Delete a Folder, i think its because of system restore

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I use system restore and deleted a user from the computer now i think it screwed something up.

there is a folder in C:Documents and Settings which cannot be deleted due to access denied. I go to security options but still access denied. I even go to Admin in safe mode still access denied.

Any Ideas.


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Anything within the directory "C:Documents and Settings" is part of the operating system, for example you will have a folder in there which is similar to your login, and a lot of your personal settings are stored in here.


If you wish to delete any directory, then I suggest that you have a DOS 6.22 disk handy and reboot with the floppy disk in the drive and manually delete the directory (using the command "deltree"). But I still wouldn't advise it.

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I have a folder in Program Files that I CANNOT delete. It's called Xerox and has a folder in that called Nwwia. It has NO files in [folder size is 0kb's] and I don't have any Xerox hardware OR software... never have.

I can't delete it at all and there is NO REASON why this EMPTY folder should be in use. :(

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