Common Linux Network Related Commands

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Chris Sanders

Well i am one of the best when it comes to windows servers but the company i am with is planning on eventually making the move to linux servers so i am trying to learn a lot more about the OS since i have never used it. I am currently running redhat since it will be what is running on the servers. I need to know some commonly used network info and commands if anybody would like to help. One of the main ones i need to know is the linux equivalent of ipconfig. Anything else helpful would be greatly appreciated.

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/sbin/ifconfig is what you are looking for ;)

You can go to the shell/console/command prompt and type apropos network and see the subject of every man page that references the word 'network' :yes:

netstat, tcpdump, ping (of course) traceroute, ethtereal, and nmap (if installed) are all pretty good. I don't use a lot of them, but those listed, I have used at least once.

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