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Windows 8 sales dissapointing

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 17:24

I just got my Windows 8 Pro upgrade license for my macbook pro. Burned the ISO, but haven't installed it yet. Will probably do that after lunch. Hopefully the upgrade will go smoothly.

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 18:02

Meh, I doubt the poor Windows 8 sales has as much to do with Windows 8 than it does with poor PC sales across the board. Pretty much all OEMs were projecting much higher PC sales then are turning out.

I think it more-or-less has to do with the insurgence of the tablet market and the fact that even PC enthusiast are not upgrading their PC as often as they used to.

I've never considered myself that much of a hardware enthusiast. Even though I hand picked the parts of all my home gaming desktops, I tend to go 5+ years between upgrades. I might even go longer between upgrades in the future. Computers are getting faster but the utility of that increased speed is in a diminishing returns tail spin ATM. Other than play some games at a higher framerate/resolution I would argue that there is little different on the application level between my 5 year old Q6600 quad core and the PCs that are being sold today. The only folks who would see any substantial difference are probably video editing professionals (very small percentile of users, basically).

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 18:16

No it's not. It's a weird hybrid. When using the explorer why do I need to see 'pink' colors when I highlight a certain type of file ?
Why can't I change the background picture without the UI changing into some hideous colors ?
Why does it go into full screen when I want to play some MP3's ?
When I'm on the start screen why does it switch to desktop when I press WIN+E ?
Why does the built in email client go into full screen ?
etc etc etc ....
It's a weird weird hybrid.

It's not about the menu. I use RocketDock, simply because I like it that way. But with the new UI you have 2 homescreens ... windows switching between them depending on what you do is ...weird.

If you want to stop the UI from changing colors with a new wallpaper you have to go to personalize->Color. It will be set on Automatic. Just pick another color you want or any color and play around with the color mixer and intensity. The other problems are really self-explanatory, clicking on mp3s open Xbox music which is a metro app so its full screen, just change it to another music player (you get that option the first time you click on a mp3). Win+E opens explorer on desktop. Email is a metro app so its full screen.