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I don't understand why I'm having issues with shares when everything worked perfectly in Windows 7

I'm currently having issues with permissioning. Up until last week, I was able to access my server network shares through windows explorer on my main pc. On occasion it would take a while for the access denied message to disappear and gain access to the folders. It took a few minutes after a reboot. Other times, I would get a dialog box to log in to the shares. While it took a little longer than I would like, it would still work

Now I can't write to the shares at all. It looks like I have read permissions but I can not make any modifications. The only thing that has changed since last week is that I added the capability to watch live TV on the server (it's also playing the role of HTPC). Could adding live TV to WMC lead to access denied errors?

The shares are set with permissions where the user "Everyone" is allowed everything but it doesn't help. I'm only able to modify the contents by accessing the folders through my FTP server.

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I got this working. Not sure what was going on with my security settings but I ended up changing ownership to administrators and removing a whs user account. Now no issues.

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