04--2018 update killed most of my apps on the Surface 2

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Hope there are still some Surface2 (RT)  Win8 users around, as I still use mine almost daily besides my S3.

The tablet ran the latest 04-2018 security update yesterday, but it messed up all my installed apps. Almost all of them refused to start and got stuck on the start/icon screen.
It doesn't really matters if it's MS native apps or 3rd party ones.
After some fiddling I got some of them to start again, by starting/closing them frequently, but are dog slow atm.

While this was all happening, CPU and harddrive usage was over 60-70%%, as if Windows was still doing stuff. Even after multiple reboots/shutdowns.

Also, the apps that refuse to start (for now) are apps that are not in the Store anymore. Coincidence?
Does this sound familiar to someone, or did I just got a bad update experience?




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RT...wow...but a factory reset may be in order if you are having all those issues.  I have had feature updates not go well on Win10 that was fixed with a reinstall. 

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