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Amazingly I did a search on the forums and saw nothing about this...

Exclusive interview: Valve's Gabe Newell on Steam Box

Source: The Verge

(Extra credit to Neowin alumni Tom Warren for being part of this interview, as such I am only going to quote a little of it, jump to the full article for the entire interview)

So you're working on your own Steam Box hardware. Why work with so many partners when you have your own ideal design in mind?

What we see is you've got this sort of struggle going on between closed proprietary systems and open systems. We think that there are pluses and minuses to open systems that could make things a little messier, it

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So basically they are just giving 'recommendations' to manufacturers that make sense to gamers and their needs. My question is don't large corporations have whole teams dedicated to finding out who their market share is and appropriately fill the 'need'? Reminds me when I was in management in retail and a home office meeting with other managers would always be irritating because everyone seems to 'think'they know what the customer wants even though 99% have absolutley no education in the field. Neither do I when it comes to retail but my whole thinking was what would I want or what would make me buy something. As opposed to the number one answer "BALLOONS" we need more fricking "BALLOONS", Balloons attracts customers and makes them want to buy stuff. Yea right. /endrant

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