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NAS or DAS with Windows 8.1, surface 2 & phone...?


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Posted 12 January 2014 - 17:38

Im just wondering about your backups: Do you make images of your firewall (pfsense) to make restores quickly? How about the OS on the microserver?

The only problem is that my drives are your regular everyday normal drives; Not made for NAS or RAID or anything...

I backup my critical files - ie my video's and pictures. I don't consider really anything else on my computers critical. This is a home, what would I have on my systems that I could not replace other than my home video's and pictures?

Pfsense takes only a few minutes to install - my forwards/firewall rules are a handful, I see no need to backup anything there. Now before I do say an update to the pfsense version, I take a snapshot in VM just in case something doesn't go just right I can then roll back to the stable setup in a minute. But same goes for esxi. What am I backing up? Lets say my microserver caught fire, or I spilled a beer on it and took out the whole freaking thing.

That would kind of suck to be honest - but in the big picture I would have to fire up one of APs as routers again to get on the internet. I would then order a new microserver and some new HDDs. When it shows up, I would recreate my setup.

And then start to rebuild my audio/video library - yes there would be some rerips to do. But my "critical" files are safe because they are on my PC as well as my microserver - so I would just copy them back over. Lets say I was just spilling beer everywhere and took out my PC.. Well then I would use a laptop and order a new PC as well ;) When I started over I would have to either have my son bring over his copies of my critical videos and pictures that I give him every other month or so.. But that would be only if amazon glacier was offline as well. Which I find unlikely.

I store my "critical" video and pictures on amazon glacier -- its 0.01$ a GB per month.. I have about 56GB of "critical" stuff.. So your looking at about what $7 a year from my DR backup. That grows very slowly - even when I get to say 200GB of video and pictures your talking $24 a year - much cheaper than you will get with any of these backup services, etc.

As to drive types.. I have never used anything other than just normal drives, and never had any real issues. Sure if you want buy some RED WD drives if you want - but for atleast how I access my disks and storage - normal whats on sale and gets decent reviews works just fine too ;)

Here look up these model numbers if your interested - there is nothing special about them. They store and serve up my files just fine ;)