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User files inaccessible after System Restore?


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#1 Lirodon



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Posted 21 August 2014 - 01:13

Okay; serious issues galore here. Basically, my mom's Windows 8.1 computer had some type of graphics card driver crash. She hard reset, it did a disk check. But then, suddenly, it couldn't find her profile, so it went to a temporary one. I tried to edit the registry to fix it, but that didn't work. So I ran System Restore, went back to the 13th. Everything is ALMOST back to normal.


The big problem is that a lot of her files in her home directories (i.e. music/pictures) have basically become "hidden" (such as her music and photos), and her libraries vanished. The folder sizes imply they're still there, it's just that I can't see them. Additionally, there was no wallpaper when it booted back up, and I can still see folders, just not the files. I see no error messages when I browse through them. Firefox also did not load its full profile.


Any solution?

#2 zhangm


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Posted 21 August 2014 - 16:48

Can you describe what registry settings you adjusted to try and resolve the problem?


If you check the Properties > Security tab, do you see anything that looks goofed up?


What happens if you pick a folder that contains missing files (not a huge one if you can avoid it) and try to copy it into another location? Do the files show up after copying, or are they missing? Is the space consumed by the invisible files transferred or not?