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Longhorn Systray Clock

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Posted 13 April 2004 - 21:50

LClock is a Win32(64bit too now) Longhorn systray clock program. Idea came from Thrawn's .NET systray clock program.
http://www.neowin.ne...pic=151437&st=0. LClock is a modified (stripped down) version of Kazuto Sato's TClock Light.

LClock also comes with a simple but configurable popup calendar that opens when the systray clock is clicked. No more double clicking on the clock just to view the calendar in the "Date and Time Properties" dialog box. The calendar also contains reminder feature found in Rainlendar.
LClock with different skins:
Posted Image
Some skins can be found here:

PC World Hungary review LClock, Sep 2004 (thanx Stacker!)

Please check back often for LClock updates.

- To use a skin, unzip the skin files to where you installed LClock.
- Use "LClock Properties" to configure LClock and Calendar.
- If the background of the clock(black or flat color) or clock text(blurry) mess up after a theme change, just exit and start again.
- If you are upgrading and having problems, please uninstall previous version and delete old ini files.
- Windows x64 please install LClock first then download this: LC64.rar. Follow the instructions in readme.txt. It is alpha, so please report any bugs you find. Thank you!

1.62b September 19, 2004 (Download)
- Alarm popup is top most window.
- Improved calendar skin support.

1.61a September 02, 2004
- "Lowered" LClock memory usage.
- LClock tooltip option applies to clock and calendar.
- Supports 32bit button and background BMP files. When used, alpha blending will be applied.
- Default buttons bmp files are changed to 32bit.
- Changed event manager interface.
- Fixed event manager bugs(auto center, msg field).

1.60a August 27, 2004
- Fixed month buttons ignoring double clicks.
- Added basic reminder(events) feature.
- Enabled tclock's custom cmds(context menu) feature in lclock.
- More languages added to context menu.

1.51b August 13, 2004
- Fixed buffer overrun bug with month or weekday name.
- Better spacing when using extra long month names.
- Disabled 4-clicks to exit LClock.
Must use right context menu or control panel tool to exit.

1.50b August 10, 2004
- Merged 1.2x and 1.3x(1.4x) together. Calendar is now an optional component of
LClock. LClock will work fine without calendar feature.
- Fixed clock hour problem: 12pm shown as 0pm when "Show 00:xx when 12:xx" is checked.
- Context menu when clock is right clicked.
- Auto hide calendar after 5 seconds.
- Calendar animates if "Animate Windows" is checked in WinXP's "Visual Effects" and
Calendar Transparency is off.
- Improved installer.

1.44a Augest 07, 2004
- Fixed LClock not starting with windows bug: windows just opens an explorer window.

1.43a Augest 06, 2004
- Fixed calendar grid.
- Unicode support in calendar!
Converted the default clock.ini and calendar.ini file to unicode.
To get unicode support, you must convert your calendar.ini file
to unicode(e.g. notepad.exe)
- Option to use shadow text in calendar.
- Option to use bitmap as calendar background.
- Option to turn on and off calendar border.
- Option to disable calendar navigation buttons.
- Option to hide Year in calendar.
- Option to display Day of Month in place of AM/PM.
- Also comes with blue buttons(normal sized). Thanks to MrE!
- Some name changes in calendar.ini.
e.g. MonthTextColor changed to DayTextColor

1.42a Augest 04, 2004
- LClock will start on most machines that used to get the following error message:
"failed to start LClock: 3" or "failed to find default systray Clock".

1.41a August 03, 2004
- Option to change Day of Week symbols of clock: "SU/MO/TU/WE/TH/FR/SA".
- Fixed invalid button bitmap problem. Calendar can be configured without buttons.
- Changed Calendar default look.
- Refined LClock Control Panel interface.

1.40a August 02, 2004
- Calendar configurable in LClock Control Panel tool!
- Calendar position control(Temporary fix for position problem).
- Fixed week header and day horizontal stretch problem.
- Transparent calendar window support.
- More calendar control!

1.32a July 31, 2004
- Changed error message "failed to start LClock: 3" to "failed to find default systray Clock".
- Calendar will close when clock is double clicked.
- Option to disable double click in control panel tool.
- Calendar interface change again. Thanks to Stacker!
- Year and month navigation using arrow keys.
- Moved all calendar related settings to Calendar.ini.
- Installer will add shortcut to control panel tool in Start Menu.

1.31a July 28, 2004
- Refined Calendar interface.
- Single click on the clock to toggle the calendar.

1.30a July 27, 2004
- Simple popup calendar.
- Interface change for control panel tool.

1.22a July 09, 2004
- Horizontal offset for AM/PM.
- When in 24hour mode, AM/PM changes to Day of the Week: SU/MO/TU/WE/TH/FR/SA

1.21a July 01, 2004
- Auto-hide taskbar bug fixed.
- Check for ObjectBar before starting LClock.
- Changed "Auto Start" label to "Start with Windows" in control panel tool.

1.20a April 21, 2004
- Control Panel tool!
- Custom AM/PM symbols.
- Hide start menu and Start Menu from LClock.
- Text style support: text/shadow color, shadow type, shadow offset.
- Auto start LClock.
- AM/PM position control.
- Fixed AM/PM and Minute alignment issue when not using ClearType.

1.12a April 17, 2004
- Improved text alignment.
- Improved installer.
- Added Tooltip style option in lclock.ini: Classic or Balloon style.
- LClock icon! Much thanks to jbo for making the great icon.

1.11a April 15, 2004
- LClock2 is renamed to LClock.
- LClock comes with an installer.

1.10a April 15, 2004
- Added an optional LClock2.ini file. Lots of control now!
All documented in LClock2.ini. :)
- Added simple Start Button customization in LClock2.ini.
- Fixed taskbar not updating after clock exit bug.

1.05a April 15, 2004
- 1 pixel of space added between hour and minutes.
- Supports both SINGLE and CONTINUOUS text shadow types.
Single text shadow tested with "Azure" theme.
Continuous text shadow tested using "Reluna" theme.

1.04a April 14, 2004
- Offset the clock by -1 pixel on the y-axle.

1.03a April 14, 2004
- Supports text shadow. Tested using OpusOS theme.

1.02a April 13, 2004
- Fixed hour bug again! Clock width does not update when hour changes from
single digit to double digits or vice versa.

1.01a April 13, 2004
- Fixed time change bug. Clock does not update size when hour changes from
single digit to double digits.

1.00a April 13, 2004
- Released alpha on Neowin.

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 04:29

this is nice will be testing it out!

suggestion: make some way you can exit the clock with a mouse clicks (maybe the same way the other does with a double click?)

#3 Nexus-


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Posted 14 April 2004 - 05:54

err well it looks like i already found a problem

top: what happens when it hides (me thinks it has something to do with tray icon autohide although i havent turned that off to verifiy thats what it is)
bottom what happend the last time i "poped out" the tray to see all the icons (it was coming back fine when i would do this but this last time it ended up like this)

Edit: whish i would read the whole post before i type away and i would know that the background problem is a known issue :pinch:

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#4 nazgul


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Posted 14 April 2004 - 06:29

excellent man, works perfectly (Y)

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 06:30

Sweet !
thanx for updating !

#6 BTallack



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Posted 14 April 2004 - 06:31

Awesome. I love it. It's been added to my startup folder.

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#7 Rek™


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Posted 14 April 2004 - 06:34

Love it (Y) Added it to my startup folder too ;)

#8 OP RCube



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Posted 14 April 2004 - 08:14

this is nice will be testing it out!

suggestion: make some way you can exit the clock with a mouse clicks (maybe the same way the other does with a double click?)

4 clicks to exit...because I wanted the clock to be like the orginal winxp clock as possible. So 2 clicks is still "date and time properties".

As for the autohide problem...I don't use autohide, but I am testing it now.

Thank you all for trying it out! :D

#9 +Nik L

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 08:20

Whoah, is this actually a post about another thread? What's the point in that?

EDIT: My bad, this is a different clock, based upon the other. Sorry! :blush:

#10 vetenigma-penguin


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Posted 14 April 2004 - 09:05

very nice.. love the fact that i dont need to skin anymore ^_^

excellent app dude keep up the good work ^_^

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 10:08

nice work. well done. (Y)

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 10:16

Thanks man! :)

#13 x-byte



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Posted 14 April 2004 - 14:49

Cool! Using it now .. keep it up (Y)

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Posted 14 April 2004 - 17:59

Nice :)

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Posted 15 April 2004 - 00:04

Great work. I really like this clock replacement.

Could a future version have the option of changing font styles?

Everything seems stable for me. The only weird thing is when LC first starts up, there is a narrow band (the same color as the taskbar) that briefly appears when the Windows clock is replaced by LC. It seems that the taskbar briefly shows through when the systray resizes. Just a cosmetic issue that fixes itself once LC fully loads.

Anyway, keep it up.