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    Neowinian Senior

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  • Location: Pakistan
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
  • Phone: Nokia C3-00 (8.70 firmware) It sucks!!!

Posted 18 October 2014 - 20:43

Thanks but its not working even with that addon :(


Let me try on my side with solution, then I will get back to you.

#3857 +Zlip792


    Neowinian Senior

  • Tech Issues Solved: 11
  • Joined: 31-October 10
  • Location: Pakistan
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
  • Phone: Nokia C3-00 (8.70 firmware) It sucks!!!

Posted 19 October 2014 - 08:15

From mozilla-inbound, its landed in two version in M35 and M36 due to this week merger.



Constant crashes on lichess.org after 20141011 Nightly - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081686

Large OOM in mozilla::WebGLContext::TexImage2D_base - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079848

[Crashes otherwise] improved DNS cache pruning - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077084

Firefox crash [@ nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet] - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1050108

AsyncShutdownTimeout "AddonManage - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079312

Crash in mozilla::TextComposition::OnCompositionEventDiscarded - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081992

Crash [@ mozilla::layers::ImageContainer::CreateImage(mozilla::ImageFormat) ] - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1060896

Nightly startup crash spike in nsDocument::AdoptNode with randomly-named library on stack - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078674

[e10s] Crash on child process shutdown in ShadowLayerForwarder::InWorkerThread - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1065881


CSS Parsing and Computation:

[MemShrink] |nsComputedDOMStyle::CreatePrimitiveValueForClipPath| can leak |val| - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081350

Pseudo-elements should always be separated by two colons in selectorText - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=949651



Implement ellipse/circle shape functions for clip-path - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1074522

[Status is stil but both patches landed but BACKED OUT but it didn't show] Implement isolation CSS property - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077872



indexedDB.open fails for certain database names - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1056939

We can have several DOMContentLoaded events with HTML Imports - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081677

Add .then() method to DOMRequest - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=839838

Port BoxObject to WebIDL - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=979835

DOMException InvalidStateError when setPointerCapture was invoke on element from alien document tree - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080361

LoadGroups of import document should be contained directly by the LoadGroup of the master document - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082540

Remove DOMConstructor related code from classinfo - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080503

IonMonkey: Don't leave discarded defs sitting around in resume point operands - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1055690

[MemShrink] nsXMLHttpRequest::mResponseBlob and ::mDOMFile and ::mNotificationCallbacks need to be CCed - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081415

[Bit by Bit landing] (dom-fetch-api) Implement the Fetch specification - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1039846

[Relevant to Fetch API] Blob as one of the types in a Union crashes in workers - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1071290

GenerateAsymmetricKeyTask fails if no private key usages are passed - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078847

AccessKeyLabel should be available for detached nodes - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1037990

Storing LoadInfo on all channels created through NS_NewInputStreamChannel - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1063197


Electrolysis (e10s):

RemoteBlob->RemoteBlobImpl broke threadsafety assumptions - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080867

Investigate white/black/garbage frame seen when switching between tabs with e10s - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1049551

stdout doesn't propagate from the child to parent in Windows XP builds - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1037445

About:certerror should be loaded remotely - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082791

[e10s] Switching tabs removes focus from the tab strip - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081156

Rework slice handling for remote blobs - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079546



[EME] Ensure CDMProxy is passed through from MSReader to subreader - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1059049

Make MediaKeys.isTypeSupported() more accurate - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1067216

[EME] Implement keyschange event - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081755

[EME] Resolve EME promises with void rather than undefined - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1057891


Graphics & Imagelib:

[MemShrink] |gfxFontEntry::InputsForOpenTypeFeature| leaks |featurelookups| - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082167

Record the number of bytes decoded on a per-decoder basis - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079628

[BACKED OUT] Eliminate the DecodeRequest class from RasterImage and move its contents elsewhere - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079653

[MemShrink] Avoid reoptimizing optimized SourceSurfaceCairos - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082745

Remove unused thebes things in nsLayoutUtils - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083393

Convert Matrix4x4::TranslatePost/ScalePost callers to Matrix4x4::PostTranslate/PostScale - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082477

Get rid of some unused gfxContext flags - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082518

Remove gfxContext::OriginalSurface - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082553

Convert drawing of HTML image map area focus to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083215

Rename Matrix4x4::Translate/Scale to Matrix4x4::PreTranslate/PreScale - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082483

Don't convert alpha surfaces into RGBA surfaces for FilterNodeTransformSoftware - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1076695

Port all code using nsRenderingContext::DrawEllipse/FillEllipse and gfxContext::Ellipse to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083221

Port all code using nsRenderingContext::SetLineStyle/nsLineStyle to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083501

Add a pref to force-disable use of gralloc surfaces - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082895

[BACKED OUT] Cleanup gralloc textures code - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077301



JS Engine:

Typed objects are not ArrayBufferViews (yet) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082141

Ensure that the background finalize state is not reset before the ArenaList state is synchronized between threads - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081952

IonMonkey: inline richards :204 - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=911738

Remove ConservativeGCData - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082299

JSObject::is<ArrayBufferViewObject>() and JS_IsArrayBufferViewObject - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1003997

ARMv6 simulator support for atomics - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077346

MObjectState / MArrayState should be transparent for Float32 type - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078696

Turn Scalar Replacement on by default - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1069307

OdinMonkey: Valgrind detects Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) involving IsFloatLiteral - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077031

OdinMonkey: add maximum-length requirement to change-heap definition - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082107

land Nightly-only ArrayBuffer.transfer - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081379

[MemShrink] |js::MallocProvider| alloc functions leak memory after calling |onOutOfMemory| - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081260

Use Maybe instead of an optional constructor on AutoLockGC - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082794

Let the eval "//# sourceURL=..." trick work for stack traces - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=583083

[jsdbg2] Add an API to get all live objects that match some query (Debugger.prototype.findObjects) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082761

Remove property iterator from JSAPI - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081660

Drag and drop links to the bookmarks bar broke recently - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083376

Better comments in jsproxy.h and proxy handler classes - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081255

Rename ProxyHandler::keys -> getOwnEnumerablePropertyKeys - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081280

Handlify js::GetPropertyKeys and Snapshot - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083204

Use @@iterator symbol instead of placeholder string  - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=918828

Add miscellaneous symbol support  - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082672

Use a better buffer growth strategy during XDR encoding - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084114

Make the FrameStateVector in SavedStacks::AutoFrameStateVector have a nonzero minimum size - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083229



Don't pass nscoord in-params by reference in nsBidiPresUtils methods - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080621

animation of CSS transform: rotateX() shakes as it crosses rotation of 0 - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078262


Vertical Writing Mode:

Fix a trivial inefficiency in vertical text run drawing code - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082083

vertical writing-mode text frames get incorrect visual overflow rect - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081867

incorrect line-breaking within embedded spans in vertical writing mode - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083104



WebGL2: basic support for 3D textures - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081125

Skip redundant deferred texture image initialization when doing full-image updates - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082248

WebGL2: Catch GL errors such as OUT_OF_MEMORY in texStorage entry points - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082277

WebGL2: implement invalidateFramebuffer - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1076456

WebGL2: implement TEXTURE_IMMUTABLE_FORMAT for getTexParameter - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080299

WebGL2: Implement some miscellaneous parameters - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081419

Don't do readback internal to ShSurf_Basic - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081363

WebGL2: Support non-power-of-two textures - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080921

WebGL2: Add support for TEXTURE_BINDING_3D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082952

texParameter and getTexParameter should accept the TEXTURE_3D target in WebGL2 mode - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083447

WebGL2: support TEXTURE_BASE_LEVEL and TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080957

SkiaGL glue being attempted on every frame on Windows - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082850

Remove pedantic filtering that snuck back in - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083931

WebGL2: Add texImage3D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083936


Notable Bugs:

[Site Impact] Unresponsive script doing String.match - possible regression cause by irregexp - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077514

[Mac OS X 10.10] The slide-down titlebar in fullscreen is transparent - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1069658

"What is this page" link appears on "blank" version of about:newtab - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081157

[Mac OS X 10.10] Update window shadows - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081160

sanitize.js should pass the date range being cleared to the permission manager and content pref service - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1058442

Notification onclick handler not permitted for window.focus() - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=874050

[Regression] Bookmarks and history on sidebar do nothing when clicked - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082880

(POODLE) Padding oracle attack on SSL 3.0 - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1076983

Autocomplete of username/password should generate change event - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077308

[For Async Places] folderReadOnly doesn't pertain to bookmarks or results - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1068671

Reproducible APZC failure and 300ms scroll delay - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1071686

Textarea resize handle increase size and looks blurry when border property is changed - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1072704

[Addon Compatibility] Disallow exposing privileged functions via COWs - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082450

UI Tour: Add ability to highlight search provider in search menu - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1068284

Implement confirmation dialog shown before unblocking downloads - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1068660

Make use of the new infoURL item from the blocklist for plugins with an update - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1038145

OdinMonkey: loosen detachment limitations - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081277

[Web Crypto API] Add support for ECDSA to WebCrypto API - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1034854

[Mac OS X 10.9.5] Download failure on OSX 10.9.5 with parental control on - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1073134

Update SVG camelCase knowledge to omit names dropped from the spec - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1066483

opening a new Private Browsing Window doesn't focus the location bar - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1074081

Use Array.map in Updater_fillEmptyCells - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1075226

Add back a way to test UITour on origins not whitelisted by default - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081772

Copy Username menu item does not have access key in Saved Passwords box - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=771215

stopPropagation during a keypress breaks some findbar actions - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1052992

content-prefs.sqlite is corrupted(and site specific zoom level is lost)when downgrade from Nightly35.0a1 to Aurora34.0a2 and earlier - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1074817

Include a "donate" link in the About Firefox dialog - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1074896

Regression detected for DNS_RENEWAL_TIME on the 25th of September (Telemetry Data) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1074789

Composition in a designMode editor is canceled when you click the editor on Linux - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083629



Fix "octal literals and octal escape sequences are deprecated" warning - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080007

various UUID has to be updated for the 34 beta release - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081935

Audit printf()s in dom/ipc - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=589320

Fix pre-setData() calls to .available() - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082114

Relative position on TD or TH gives misleading warning - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081683

split-profile should take arguments for jprof location and program location - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082265

Switch to GET for fetch to allow caching of links data from redirect - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1075620

Add-ons manager not updating after lightweight theme is uninstalled - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079817

Attempting to start Firefox can result in "Couldn't load XPCOM" due to reading uninitialised memory - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081906

Attempt to lock an already-locked mutex in nsComponentManangerImpl::RegisterContractIDLocked - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079311

Reduce the noise from the warn only sandbox by not reporting NAME_NOT_FOUND errors - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080567

Add node existence check to CustomizeMode's onDragEnd - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1062014

Prettify about:webrtc - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=971110

[Self Signed SSL issue] mozilla::pkix, cannot override sec_error_ca_cert_invalid with version 1 certificate, and other scenarios (with or without pkix) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1042889

[TSF] Candidate window position is always the top-left of browser window or just disappeared if IMM IME is active in TSF mode (~ATOK 2010, Japanist) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081993

Remove deprecated nsIChannelPolicy - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1041180

Log spew "No valid manifest directive." when uninstalling an add-on - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079451

Make CPOWs support symbol ids - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1071177




Some Back porting Fixes + Reopened + Bit by bit landing:

Fixing of Session Restore multiple instances in Aurora - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081135

[Reopen] drawImage on MediaStream assigned to <video> stopped working again - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=879717

Compacting GC landing bits by bits - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=650161




Since now Nightly builds are maintained on Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 and 64-bit linker also make 32-bit (I could be wrong on linker thing), new version PGO (Profile Guided Optimization) is better and more mature, so Firefox is shifting its split .dll back to main xul.js file to speed up startup and performance improvements.


Fold gkmedias.dll back into xul.dll - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=922912

Fold js back into libxul - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=609976

#3858 Pikey



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Posted 20 October 2014 - 08:42

Lots of problems with Adobe Flash crashing for a few days now , any tips to sort it out folks?


Latest Nightly with only Adblock installed and everythings up to date.

#3859 +Zlip792


    Neowinian Senior

  • Tech Issues Solved: 11
  • Joined: 31-October 10
  • Location: Pakistan
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
  • Phone: Nokia C3-00 (8.70 firmware) It sucks!!!

Posted 20 October 2014 - 09:49

Lots of problems with Adobe Flash crashing for a few days now , any tips to sort it out folks?
Latest Nightly with only Adblock installed and everythings up to date.

Bug URL (now it has patch): https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082670
- Disable Protect Mode of Flash using this guide: http://kb.mozillazin...e_in_Flash_11.3 or https://forums.adobe...oraryWorkaround
- Set environment variable: https://bugzilla.moz...?id=1082670#c14

- Some said Nightly 64-bit is also works

#3860 Pikey



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Posted 20 October 2014 - 13:01

Thanks for the info +Zlip792 , 'Disable Protected Mode' did the trick!

#3861 kilara1988



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Posted 20 October 2014 - 22:29

So that is why i didn't see any flash crashes and problems.I had disabled and always disable the protected mode of flash.Did that ever since the problems it caused when they first introduced Protected mode.

#3862 +Zlip792


    Neowinian Senior

  • Tech Issues Solved: 11
  • Joined: 31-October 10
  • Location: Pakistan
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
  • Phone: Nokia C3-00 (8.70 firmware) It sucks!!!

Posted Yesterday, 09:39

More from Inbound:


Crash Fixes:

Crash when searching on expansys.ca - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083425

Crash on Yosemite when changing system appearance - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084589

crash @nsContentUtils::HasDistributedChildren - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083814

Crash [@ js::jit::RangeAnalysis::truncate] - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080438

crash in mozilla::net::Http2Session::CleanupStream - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1073825

crash in mozilla::dom::XMLDocument::Load - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084513

Crash with Proxy.revocable - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1072817



Implement isolation CSS property - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077872

Implement CSSOM-View scroll-behavior CSS property - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1010538

Implement alternative to CSSOM-View scroll-behavior Element.scrollTop and Element.scrollLeft extensions - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1045754



CSS Parsing and Computation:

Clean up AnimationPlayerCollection::PseudoElement() - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084039

Flex container with "overflow-y: auto" is jumping when shown, with fading overlay scrollbars - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081072

Pseudo-elements should always be separated by two colons in selectorText - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=949651

Segmentation fault on Wikipedia search page, if Firefox was compiled with LLVM 3.5.0 - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083461

Switch dynamic CounterStyle objects to use arena allocation - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077718



Move TreeColumn to WebIDL - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081692

(NavigationController) Implement Navigation Controller interfaces for ServiceWorkers - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=898524

AudioChannel implementation can cause multiple sounds without any possibility to stop the sound - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1004306

WebIDL for WindowRoot - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082839

Only Events with a wrapper should trigger GC more likely - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084421

Add host and olderShadowRoot properties to ShadowRoot interface - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083587

Replace ResolveWorkerClasses by appropriate [Exposed=System] annotations - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084439

We don't correctly codegen stringifiers and jsonifiers on non-concrete interfaces - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083591

Capture some stack information in Promises - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083851

Add a way to get the promises that depend on a given promise via PromiseDebugging - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083950

Avoid shadowing iter variable in DOM bindings generated code - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082583

Consider putting union types in the binding files where they're used - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1068740

Do not wrap the DOMRequest in a promise in test_mmi_call_forwarding.js - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084381

Do not wrap the DOMRequest in a promise in Bluetooth tests - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084389

URLSearchParams, URLUtils and URLUtilsReadOnly should use USVStrings instead DOMStrings - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085297

Store creation and settlement timestamps in promises - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084030

(dom-fetch-api) Implement the Fetch specification - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1039846

Make nsITreeBoxObject and nsIBoxObject scriptable again - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083793

BrowserElementChildPreload.js shouldn't duplicate the categorization of NSS/certificate errors provided by nsINSSErrorsService - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1057497

The lostpointercapture event on document when capturing element is removed - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1080360

DOMMatrix does not implement stringifier from spec - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082663

typo in Console::ShouldIncludeStackrace method name - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085471


Electrolysis (e10s):

HttpChannelChild's mSecurityInfo is null, fails for GetSecurityInfo - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083325

Update PageThumbs to support remote content - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=698371

[e10s] Accessing gBrowser.sessionHistory hangs or brings down the browser - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077587


Graphics, Layers and Layouts:

Get rid of nsLayoutUtils::NSColorToColor - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083761

Activate ImageBridge by default when OMTC on - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1027365

Add a full occlusion culling pass to LayerManagerComposite  - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085223

[Performance Improvement] Firefox window with lots of tabs becomes sluggish due to floods of afterpaint events - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078005




Does FrameState really need to refcount the principals - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083232

Generators should run on the interpreter stack - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=987560

[ES6] Update ToPropertyKey to accept Symbol wrapper objects - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083047

Refine WeakSet handling - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081978

[Compacting GC] This value for scripts not marked in Ion frame - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083716

Fix length property for functions exported to self-hosting - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084278

Update ToPropertyKey to accept Symbol wrapper objects - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083047

land Nightly-only ArrayBuffer.transfer - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081379

Remove AutoEnterAnalysis from Recover isntructions - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083781

[leave open] Manage memory differently for native vs. non-native objects - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1073842

Splay Latency browser numbers are much lower than in shell - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=958492

Refactor definition of finalization phases - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085435


Moz2d Conversion:

Undo the breakage to gfx.color_management.mode=1 (eCMSMode_All) caused by the Moz2D porting work - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084093

Port the code calling nsRenderingContext::SetClip() to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083533

Port the code calling nsRenderingContext::FillPolygon() to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083557

Port the code calling nsRenderingContext::DrawRect() to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083597

Port the code that uses the nsRenderingContext::FillRect methods to Moz2d - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083753

Port the code that uses nsRenderingContext::DrawLine() to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085159

Port the code that uses nsRenderingContext::IntersectClip() to Moz2D - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085160

Get rid of the nsRenderingContext::SetColor() method- https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085165

Get rid of nsRenderingContext's DeviceContext and any need for it to know about app-units-per-device-pixel - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085167

Make Moz2D's UserToDevicePixelSnapped honor disabling of pixel snapping and scale ignoring as gfxContext::UserToDevicePixelSnapped does - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082530



per-app-offline: figure out why DNS sometimes still causes network traffic when offline - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1057688

Make url.hostname not omit IPv6 delimiters - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082723

DNS: Enable getting TTL by default for Windows - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084645




[Pre-Vista testing] Inherit stdout/err for sandboxed process pre-Vista for testing purposes - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083701

Lock down Linux content process clone(2) flags - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078838



SIMD (interpreter): Update shuffle implementations - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083238



Replace "greyscale" SVG filter with filter: grayscale(1) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079719


Web Animation:

Implement play and pause on AnimationPlayer - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1070745

Expose AnimationPlayer.playState - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1037321

Rename AnimationPlayer::GetCurrentTimeDuration - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078119

Provide better encapsulation of AnimationPlayer - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078122


WebGL and CanvasGL:

Add Acquire and Release semantics to SharedSurface - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1070308

Use fallible new for large allocations, infallible otherwise - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083611

Use our RAII helper to unlock DrawTarget bits after locking - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084696


Notable Bugs

Reject EV certificates with key sizes below RSA 2048 - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=622859

Add trusted identity block to remaining end-user facing about: pages - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1051847

HTMLLinkElement not in DOM is used for favicon - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083895

Accessing IPv6 URLs without typing the protocol and the first bracket throws a JS error in the Browser Console - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1079707

[AVX2 acceleration support] Update or cherry-pick decoding optimizations from libvpx upstream - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1063356

Report pinning violations by CA - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1054498

Remove dead #social-toolbar-item CSS since there is nothing called social-toolbar-item defined outside of the CSS - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081203

Sync no longer shows login failed notification bar on user-initiated sync - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082970

Update pdf.js to version 1.0.907 - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084158

Mixed content detection does not take redirection into account - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=418354

Updater installs Mozilla Maintenance Service without consent - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1051223

Window is occasionally hidden upon exiting a full screen HTML5 video - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1026865

[MemShrink] jemalloc3 builds exhibit negative heap-unclassified values in about:memory - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082199

Borders of lightweight themes don't adapt in customization mode - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1075435

reset legacy browser.startup.homepage values to "about:home" - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1077740

Firefox 33.0 Linux 32 bit version menubar is dark on bright-text lightweight themes (LWT) - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083668

Don't allow Firefox to be the default browser but not check on startup to see if it's still the default browser - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1041516

SearchBar formhistory drop down only shows 7 items when only searching form history - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1060675

[Still Open] After upgrading to Firefox 33, window is BLACK with OMTC enabled - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083071

mix-blend-mode and CSS filters don't work well together - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083241

Empty line in Panic/Forget menu under some conditions - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1074520

InstallTrigger always sends third party cookies regardless of cookie settings - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084646



[For Boot 2 Gecko project but affect Desktop as well] [Text Selection] Enabling non-editable fields support for selection caret - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1062735

Add support for DH to WebCrypto API - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1034856

Stop using XOW handlers for everything but Window and Location - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1083060

Add 'Send Video To Device' to the context menu for sending videos from desktop to a second screen - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1054959

"Update Scanner" add-on does not work on Nightly35.0a1 - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081537

Improve JSM WebIDL ergonomics and Implement [Exposed=System] - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1073124

[Addons Compatibility] Turn off COWs for Functions - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081990

More addon SDK fixups for __exposedProps__ removal - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084385

Remove NPAPI async drawing model - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1072528

FF needs correct check PointerCapture for correct firing pointerover/pointerout events - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1078327

[For Boot 2 Gecko project] [Touch Caret] Make touch caret hide when its position is not in the area of the scrollport - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082486

WeaveCrypto unable to initialize on Mac with Brew's system NSS installed - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1034979

[Addons Compatibility] Stop Remapping COWed standard prototypes - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081985

main thread fails to identify as the main thread in metrofx - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1042708

Eliminate PPluginIdentifier - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1081353

Drop support for JSPropertyOp getters/setters in sandboxes - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1085071

[CC] change WaitingForGC to be based on the number of JS objects, not all objects - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=727965

Fix error throwing and warning reporting APIs  - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1063241

[Linux MemShrink] Reduce heap churn caused by calls to get_content_type_from_mime_type() - https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1084193




Compacting GC is landing bit by bit - https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=650161

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From Mozillazine:


Source: https://wiki.mozilla...form/2014-10-21


Electrolysis (e10s) (blassey)
  • Please help dogfood e10s in Nightly!
  • 26% of Nightly browser sessions are using e10s.
  • We plan to enable e10s by default for Nightly users in just a couple weeks, so please test your add-ons and feature areas now to avoid surprises.


Electrolysis default to "enable" Soon...




Adobe Flash plugin bug has been fixed by Mozilla, so it was not from Adobe side but from Mozilla side due to firefox shifting to VS2013 compiler.

Bug URL: https://bugzilla.moz....cgi?id=1082670

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Hopefully LastPass releases a new extension with full e10s support by then (it *kinda* works, but it has the tendency to lock up FF on every page load).