Halo 4 leaked to the internet

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A copy of Microsoft Game Studios' upcoming game Halo 4 has leaked to the internet in its entirety, along with images showing retail discs in the hands of people earlier than the November 6 launch

64GB iPhone 4 prototype leaked

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A gadget blog is claiming to have obtained and tested a 64GB iPhone 4 engineering prototype direct from the Foxconn factory. "The owner of this engineered prototype told us that he got it from a...

Windows 7 build 7137 leaked

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Barely two weeks after build 7127 leaked we have another fresh leak of Windows 7, build 7137. This time around the build tag is 7137.0.090521-1745 meaning this build is only a week old. As ever...

Windows 7 build 7127 leaked

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Redmond is still running low on Joe the plumbers as another Windows 7 leak surfaces today. This time around it's the second RTM branch build to leak, 7127. Approximately a month after 7106 leaked. The...


AT&T leaked document bashes the Palm Pre

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A leaked document, supposedly from AT&T's internal network, has been making its rounds around the internet. The document compares the features of the Palm Pre and Apple's iPhone in such a way, that it would...

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