Do you know who you write like?

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We take a look at I Write Like: a site dedicated to helping you identify who your writing style most resembles. We also take some of Neowin's authors to the site to see what it makes of their works.

Zotob authors jailed

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Two Moroccan men have been jailed for releasing the Zotob computer worm, which wreaked havoc on an estimated 250,000 Windows PCs last year. Farid Essebar, 19, of Morocco was sentenced to two years in prison...

Authors sue Google

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The Authors Guild, along with a former US poet laureate, is suing Google for copyright infringement. Google operates two programs intended to incorporate print material into its search index, one of which, the Google Print...

UNIX Authors Rush to Patch Telnet Flaw

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Several high-profile distributors of the BSD version of the Telnet protocol have rolled out patches for a critical bug that could cause system-hijack attacks. The bug, which was reported by iDefense Inc., is a remotely...

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