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  2. This browser will make a good dent in Chrome when it comes out. Its Chrome like enough for people to just use it. That depends, if the UI starts to look like the original Edge, then people will not bother with it. A lot of people may just use chrome because they think that the strange E icon is for IE and not for a different browser, so they may never have even tried the original edge, so why would they try the new one? Some people use chrome because it links into their google account. I think the main reason why MS is changing to chromium is more to do with business, some sites will not work with the original edge. Myself i will stay with cent, I see now reason to change and other people i have talked to say they will stay with the browser they use. Just been to the cent website, and it looks like adware. I am sure its not, but its the impression that the site gives me. Installed it and played With Cent for about 20 minutes. Settings for asking to run flash first didn't work. Switched it back and forth and restarted Cent several times. Made no difference. It was set to ask first by default even! After messing with that for a few minutes, tried getting back to the Cent website or forums. Site was down as it couldn't connect due to Cloudfare issue. That was all it took for me to remove it. Nothing spectacular about it! Fair enough, i must admit I did not know about the flash part as i use a flash blocker extension, but you are right it don't work, it will block flash permanently, but don't ask first. I have sent feedback, if they take notice is another thing. i am not sure what you think is going to be spectacular about it, at the end of the day it is a browser, which I prefer to use than Chrome or others. There is nothing spectacular about the new Edge and yet some people in here think there is, at the end of the day it is a browser. you use what you think is best for you. Thanks for sending feedback to them. I'm sure now that I know of Cent I will be trying it again in the future as I'm always playing with different browsers and retrying ones after they get updated. Guess saying nothing spectacular was a little over stated, but it just didn't grab me quick enough to warrant keeping it on machine right now. Nice to see you not going off the deep end at me just because of the way I said that!
  3. I feel sad about this. Just when the Mate X, the P30, and P30 pro were starting to land a right hook into Apple, and Samsung. Come on!
  4. Linux Mint (v19.1 Xfce) ; it's been my primary OS since Jan 2019 on my main PC. although it's installed on some other computers I got to as it runs better on some underpowered laptops than Windows does, especially since Windows 10 is just a bit too taxing on them and Windows 7 support ends Jan 2020. so Linux was pretty much the only real option for me overall. even my old desktop from 2006 has Mint on it as Win10 won't work at all on that on that due to lack of 'nx bit' support on motherboard, so Linux is my only option on that basically. so while I am no expert on Linux, Mint seems to be a pretty safe bet for most people for general use when it comes to a Linux OS you just install and pretty much use (although those on low ram should use the 'vm.swappiness=10' (you can find more online)). like probably the best for something that works well out-of-the-box and is not bloated etc. p.s. I do have a couple issues with it though... 1)if 'vdpau' is enabled in video playback software it's not long before it freezes the system (I can disable the GPU acceleration to work around that issue). 2)within about 5-10 days of system uptime the system will lockup/freeze coming out of the lock screen. NOTE: but recently (less than 24 hours ago) I used the Linux Nvidia driver PPA to get newer drivers, I choose v418.xx instead of the one offered which is, for my Nvidia 1050 Ti 4GB GPU and I am going to be testing those over the upcoming days as I figure if things are stable for a full 14+ days, between the GPU freeze/lock screen issue, chances are the driver update fixed my two issues. if not, I can try a the other drivers in the menu like v410.xx or newest v430.xx I think.
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  6. it appears all their future phones from this point forward... from the way I was reading other reporting. If not, I have a Nexus 6p that I may have to quickly get rid of. lol
  7. Why does the quick reply section save posts that have already been posted? If I make a post in the quick reply, leave the site, come back and click on quick reply, I'm expecting it to be empty, as it should be, but instead it loads up the last post that was already posted... Is there any way that post saving can be opted out of or in to instead of having it enabled no matter what?
  8. Given the "social credit scores", AI, surveillance and what not in China, unless you are part of the political elite, it's probably best if you buy from a Chinese branded manufacturer, than Apple, Samsung etc.
  9. Shoot, considering I see people tossing their phones in 9-18 months, unless they are an instagram/twitter/fakebook selfie addict, they probably won't wear it out. I don't get how people toss these things away after a short time.
  10. Microsoft has to follow the same laws that Google does. Huawei still has access to Android itself since it's open source, but Windows is closed source and has to be licensed.
  11. "instead of google crap" Yeah, because half-baked Chinese software is so much better... I'm no fan of Google but c'mon lol.
  12. PNWDweller

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    I used to work for a company that didn't have stickers on them to prevent opening. There were no warnings about voiding the warranting if you opened up the case. There was a problem with a switch getting stuck in one position. People would get in there and replace it instead if sending it in for repair. They had a way of knowing if someone opened the case, even to look inside. The bottom feet were rubber and covered the screw holes. They had a clear cover on them that would crease if you flexed it to get to the screws inside.
  13. Think the big problem with that is "banding together"; I just don't see that happening but hey, maybe I'm wrong. There are stories about iPhone sales being down because of nationalization. Just add this to the trade war and I'm betting it will increase the decline of non Chinese tech in China.
  14. Think the big problem with that is "banding together"; I just don't see that happening but hey, maybe I'm wrong.
  15. The guy who thinks buying apps is "disrespecting yourself" and uses a flip phone is going to tell us which phones are best. Yeah... Okay.
  16. Aokromes

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    depends on the country where you live.
  17. i hope all non-us based mobile manufacturers unite to create one android OS alternative, or custom android with their own applications (on russia or china for example they have a lot of non-google applications that manufacturers can ship instead google crap)
  18. And? Conservatives aren't known for pushing taxes and social programs.
  19. Jesus ######. I hope Huawei continues with their lawsuit. The way they're being treated lately is complete crap when NO ONE is willing to provide any kind of evidence to back up they've done anything wrong... They make good devices.
  20. I wonder if this will make Chinese Huawei customers more nationalistic. I can imagine a scenario where pride takes over and users buy even more Huawei phones just as a big FU to other countries. I also wonder if this backfires on Google. Maybe other Chinese manufacturers realize Android (well, Google services) isn't a safe bet because Google can pull the rug without a legal case being presented, then they band together to adopt a competing operating system.
  21. Although I am not a fan of Chrome, it must be said that Google has been applying a lot of effort for a long time now for GPU acceleration inside Chrome, so I suspect that this story has more going on than meets the eye ATM. BTW, I strongly suspect that Google will be shoehorning their Filament Engine into Chrome at some point which is a full PBR based Render Engine. Hack on that code at:
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