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  2. Certainly guilty until proved innocent in this instance. This will make any future phones sold internationally a very hard sell without the Play Store and Play Services. Even if Huawei do their own app store like Samsung it will be a lot of work to get all the popular apps on there. Would the ban also mean that if the app was from the US it couldn't go on there anyway?
  3. George P

    German firm Infineon suspends shipments to Huawei

    Well, time to see if its true and they do have reserves, which they might with some chinese gov money ofc.
  4. If the Cert vendor is LetsEncrypt, would the text record only be like below?? @ 3600 TXT "0 issue """
  5. I don't see this replacing me and my camera, but supplanting it? Possible.
  6. Copernic

    MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.82

    MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.82 by Razvan Serea Task Manager DeLuxe (TMX) offers powerful features available in standard Windows Task Manager in a lightweight portable package with many more enhancements. It needs no installation and leaves no tracks in system so it can be easily used as portable application everywhere. TMX provides real-time observing of: running processes installed services and drivers available network adapters network connections by process network utilization active terminal sessions autostart entries cpu usage and frequency memory utilization There is powerful process monitor with graphs and detailed process information. You can watch multiple processes simultaneously. Also there is Window explorer enumerating all windows of given process with their properties. Session viewer contains automatic session journal which logs every session login, logout, lock and status change. It is useful especially on terminal servers to watch how users connect and disconnect to their desktops. Desktop Explorer tool provides on-the-fly windows scanning under the cursor. It evaluates window properties and hierarchy. System Information tool detects installed hardware and reports it in simple format. MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.82 changelog: Process restart option added Download: MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 32-bit | 2.8 MB (Freeware) Download: MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 64-bit | 3.6 MB View: MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe Home Page | Screenshot Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  7. Today
  8. If i am looking at something on the Main Page and i decide to login, after login in it throws me into the forums, this is annoying as i then have to come back out and find what i was looking at before. Is it a bug or a recent change as it didn't used to do this?
  9. German firm Infineon suspends shipments to Huawei by Paul Hill On Sunday, Google announced that it was going to cut support for new Huawei devices which would stop them from using several Google services. Now, the German chipmaker Infineon has also announced that it is going to suspend shipments of its products to the Chinese phone maker. The decision comes after the U.S. Department of Commerce put Huawei on an Entity List which requires U.S. firms to get a license to ship products to Huawei. Foreign companies like Infineon fall under the same rules if they use American tech in their products. Speaking to Nikkei Asian Review, a source familiar with the matter said the firm is being cautious and could resume business after it figures out what it can do legally: “Infineon decided to adopt a more cautious measure and stopped the shipment. But it will hold meetings this week to discuss [the situation] and make assessments.” According to sources, Infineon sells microcontrollers and power management integrated circuits to Huawei and subsequently makes $100 million or less each year. While sales to Huawei are just a small amount of Infineon’s 2018 €7.599 revenue, Huawei will feel the screws tightening as it begins to lose suppliers for its goods. Infineon joins Qualcomm, Qorvo, Micron Technology, and Western Digital as firms that no longer ship to Huawei. ST Microelectronics, TSMC, Toshiba Memory, and Japan Display Inc. have not yet stopped shipments to the Chinese firm but are investigating the issue and could also suspend business dealings. Over the weekend, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder, told the media that the company would be fine even if Qualcomm and other American suppliers refuse to sell chips to the company. He revealed that the firm has been stockpiling and it’s believed that Huawei will be prepared for the next six to twelve months on the hardware front, giving time for the Chinese and American governments time to work the matter out. Source: Nikkei Asian Review
  10. I get the hate for Google, I don't like them to, but you guys need to take a breath, and a few steps back. This is another step in the trade war, and quite frankly it has to happen. You guys need to read up on issues that have been brought up over and over by past US governments with China basically sticking it's fingers in it's ears and going "I can't hear you". The 2 major ones are basically, 1) china has abused (following the path of japan and some others) the fact that western countries don't have rigid currencies to keep their goods underpriced. Keeping their currency artificially low and "locked". And 2) they don't give reciprocal market access through lots of shady regulations and other things that basically mean it's impossible for foreign cos to compete there. For all the talk of free trade they do, they don't do any of it. Even using their so called "third world" status in the WTO to defend their market regulation BS while they're basically raping everyone else. Lets at least look at the big picture before pointing fingers at Google and thinking this is somehow meant to protect Apple, who has so much money they can make their own country.
  11. A few things, Foxcomm is based in Taiwan, not mainland china, so that could be a factor. Second, they have a large number of fabs outside of China, they not too long ago made a huge deal in India for iPhones. You think Foxcomm, which is in Taiwan, and regardless of what China will tell you, the people in Taiwan don't like and don't want to be, part of "One China". That they'll bother to follow any rules or possible ban? I highly doubt they will.
  12. There have been no proof, all speculation, and I think it is all done via the U.S, because sales are falling of U.s products. They don't have to "steal" IP when Chinese regulations state that foreign tech companies have to "show them" their IP for "security reasons".
  13. I wouldn't be glad to do that. Would lose access to my banking app, a serious loss of functionality. And third party app stores are kinda horrible, if they have the app you're looking for to begin with. The apps tend to be outdated and even the big name ones are somewhat broken at times.
  14. I don't know about MS, but Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom are also not doing business with Huawai as of right now. So there you go.
  15. Google has hardly any business or impact/use inside China. The Chinese people who actually have money to buy a phone won't notice a difference. Huawai and other OEMs that sell phones in China use Chinese services, as per the governments strict, and BS, regulations on foreign companies. This is not going to impact Google hardly at all.
  16. Sigh.... Looking with a sad face at my P9...... Damn you MS for not sticking up for W10Mobile !!!!!! Now we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or said differently Apple or Android Getting more fragmentation by playstores foe -every- brand is a pain in the behind for Android users. But how far will this go? Who or what will the great POTUS target next? Besides his current beef with countries and companies....
  17. "Trump declared a national emergency preventing foreign countries from any future imports". Trump is a national emergency, no I will go as far as saying he is a international emergency, there is something wrong with that bloke and he should be locked up. I can not believe that the U.s voted for him, just shows that what i thought about American people was wrong. I agree Trump isn't great etc, but this BS trade issue with China had to happen. The fact someone finally decided to do it is just down to timing. It could have been someone else as Pres. You guys need to look more into the BS China pulls on trade and see that this isn't so much a Trump being crazy/dumb thing.
  18. lt be brutal for Google, if other phone manufacturers decide that they do not want to be next and produce their own operating system, Google have had far too much power in the phone market for far two long, just like Microsoft has with Windows. Other phone manufacturers wont, well, unless they're Chinese based like ZTE etc. But Huawai is the biggest and thus it gets the boot. This has nothing to do with security, per se, that's just a cover. This is another step in the trade war. And if you think it sucks for Huawai and is bad for google, well, you guys need to read up on the BS China pulls when it comes to US companies and the BS controls they have in place to keep their market in check.
  19. I made a few elaborate journals of my first travels, after that it just stayed at the basic recollections of the day. Often just a handful of sentences. It's tedious work if you want to make a illustrated, extensive travel journal. It's fun though to do it, but often there's other stuff to see & do that gets in the way. With apps like these, you can do tings a bit more quicker. Less creative? We'll have to see what it can do.
  20. You don't need to think about it too much, they're calling it the May 2019 update, so it'll release in May. The OS version showing 1903 is just a number, it mostly shows that the code was "done" back in March and we've just been testing and fixing bugs since.
  21. It might be, depends on if they make the ISO and find/fix something right after. The way the install works anyways, as long as you have a internet connection at the time, it'll grab the newest CU. So the ISO could be .30, and it'll just install this new CU to get you .116 when it's done.
  22. George P

    Microsoft is offering a $100 discount on the Surface Headphones

    That depends on the timing, you don't discount a product that is selling well a month later, for example. These things have been on the market for 7 months, in tech that's a good period of time for sales to kick in. And it's a sale, it's until the end of the month. That could change and become permanent but for now it's not. They've always done sales like this, on and off, for the surface line in general. This just seems par for the course to me.
  23. "Trump declared a national emergency preventing foreign countries from any future imports". Trump is a national emergency, no I will go as far as saying he is a international emergency, there is something wrong with that bloke and he should be locked up. I can not believe that the U.s voted for him, just shows that what i thought about American people was wrong. Don't blame all of us. Don't forget he lost the popular vote, over half the country voted against him and his approval rating has been abysmal for his entire presidency.
  24. dontbeevil

    Google brings refreshed Smart Display UI to the Nest Hub

    If you really can't wait to give the rest of your privacy to google
  25. article doesnt say 1903 it says may 2019 sure they wont call it 1905?
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