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  2. Probably a good side effect of telemetry Most people that use Paint (or Paint.Net) are devs or IT people. They probably don’t touch the weird Paint 3D UWP thing. Maybe that one get axed as well in the future
  3. It’s not very up to date. There have been two at work for a couple years now and they don’t show up.
  4. How portable is that high end PC? Jeez, way to compare apples and oranges... There is nothing portable about Surface Book 2, very heavy and clunky device to use, like I would carry that thing on Airport. If you want to talk about portability that would be iPad or similar device and Smart Phone. Nothing appealing about entire Surface product line. Sounds like you haven't even touched a Surface Go/Pro/Book...SB2 starts at 3.38 lbs and goes up to 4.2 lbs. It obviously weighs less when used in tablet mode. The Go (most portable Surface) weighs 1.15 lbs in tablet mode, which is very similar to iPad Air...Not sure what you're basing your statement on, but ok everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I did, and the device is just useless at least to me not to mention under power expensive machine. Man.. is there anything that Microsoft has done recently that you've liked? I see all your recent posts have been like this.. You're a grouch
  5. These have been expected for some time now and EVERY comment I see on them is people crapping on them for not being faster then the latest K series like the i9-9900K. They all fail to realize these are for mobile not desktop. It's really annoying.
  6. FireNWater

    Microsoft won't be removing Paint from Windows 10 for now

    I'd like to see Movie Maker return . .
  7. freedonX

    Microsoft won't be removing Paint from Windows 10 for now

    I use 'Greeshot' for my printscreen needs. Highly recommended! Light and super fast.
  8. How well is it really doing though aside from online accolades? For all the brouhaha over Sony's lack of cross platform support, the PS4 continues to be the bestselling console. I suspect Google and Amazon finally calmed down, execs dropped the pride enough to realize this was only alienating customers, and therefore cooler heads prevailed. That me be true. While the gaming industries is worth a lot of money, that is only 1 segment of being cross platform. Lets add a liitle fuel to that fire. Just today Jason Ward over on Android Centrai, penned an article about Google coming after both Microsot Azure and AWS with their Cloud Platform Anthos solution. True, it's not for the consumer, but I think it lends credence to the fact that companies like Google and maybe Apple a little more in the future are/will see the need to be cross platform. As for Amazon, we (Windows) already have Kindle, and that is enough IMHO. As for cross to Amazon it's a giant mess and really degrades the performance of their Fire devices. But that's just my result.
  9. Just tried it in the UK (latest version of Maps). No change, here.
  10. Google Maps now shows available EV charging ports in real time in the US and UK by Jay Bonggolto In October of last year, Google announced that it would begin displaying real-time information on Google Maps about charging stations for electric vehicles (EV), including their availability. It seems the rollout of that feature has taken six months to complete as Google announced today that Maps now shows the real-time availability details of different charging stations across the United States and UK. With this capability, EV owners will be able to see which port has a vacant slot for charging their vehicle by just searching for “EV charging stations” on Maps. Various charging infrastructures including Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect will then provide the latest information about a charging port such as its location, port types, and charging speeds in addition to availability. Chargepoint will be onboard soon, Google says. Images provided by other drivers will also show up on Maps along with station ratings, reviews, and questions. These types of information may help drivers select which charging point to go to depending on whether it's worth their time. Google Maps Product Manager Alex Donaldson wrote in a blog post: "If you’ve ever driven to an electric vehicle charging station only to find that all ports are occupied, you know that you could end up waiting in line for anywhere between minutes to hours—which can really put a damper on your day when you have places to go and things to do." The real-time EV charging information is available to Google Maps users on desktop, Android, iOS, and Android Auto. Keep in mind to update Maps first to its latest version.
  11. I am a fan of laptop CPUs under 50 W as they're cooler (meaning a quieter system with better battery life) and higher-end models still perform very well.
  12. Steven P.

    I found Neowin through a sponsored post (Adobe CC Pay What You Want)

    The Neowin Deals sponsored posts are handled by a third party, but more importantly as others have said: if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. The lesson here is to take some care about what you are purchasing, on other sites you can buy "genuine ** LEGAL ** Windows 10 keys for $8 !!!!" do you think it really is legal and proper when OEM and retail Windows 10 digital keys cost so much more in a proper retail outlet or at Microsoft? THINK ... PEOPLE .. and don't blame us.
  13. Correcting myself, this is possible in windows maps app
  14. This is exactly what it is, Microsoft created a prototype and Samsung wanted the "first release" glory and rushed a product out.
  15. Copernic

    UltraUXThemePatcher 3.6.1

    UltraUXThemePatcher 3.6.1 by Razvan Serea UltraUXThemePatcher modifies your system files so that 3rd party themes can be used. You can download Windows themes from third parties and activate them. The program backups the original system files and all changes can be undone by uninstalling if you have issues. UltraUXThemePatcher is available for Windows XP to Windows 10 (RTM, Anniversary Update 1607, Creators Update 1703, Fall Creators Update 1709) for 32bit and 64bit version. Changes in UltraUXThemePatcher 3.6.1: Support for next major Update 19H2 Functions: silent installation with parameter /S Note: You might want to create a restore point before installing UltraUXThemePatcher. This application make changes to your system files, this can lead to unexpected problems or total breakdown of Windows! Download page: UltraUXThemePatcher 3.6.1 | 162 KB (Freeware) View: UltraUXThemePatcher Home Page Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
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  17. warwagon

    Microsoft won't be removing Paint from Windows 10 for now

    It was funny, my sister went to download and about 10 mins later I reconnected with her and she had that web bar along the top of her computer screen. She said "Where did that from" and I said ... "Where did you get from?"
  18. The demo video of the car driving along various types of roads was very impressive. The tricky part is in towns and cities where is very congested with cars and people, that is the difficult part.
  19. Lenovo refreshes its Legion and IdeaPad gaming laptops with 9th-gen Intel CPUs by Rich Woods Legion Y740 15 Today, Intel announced its ninth-generation 45W H-series CPUs, so now it's time for some actual products that use the new chips. Lenovo announced refreshes of its Legion Y540, Legion Y7000, Legion Y740, and IdeaPad L340 that all include the new processors. Of course, none of the Legion PCs are new; these are just new configurations. The Legion Y740 still sits at the top, offering up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q along with up to a ninth-gen Core i7. It comes in 15- and 17-inch models and an option for a 144Hz 1080p display, and today, Lenovo is also introducing an option with a GTX 1660 Ti GPU. The Legion Y540 also comes in 15- and 17-inch sizes, and it also comes with up to a ninth-gen Core i7. The GPU available is up to an RTX 2060. The Legion Y7000p is essentially a 15-inch Y540 in a different body, and it's a bit flashier for those that want that gaming look. It comes with up to a ninth-gen Core i7, and a choice between an RTX 2060, GTX 1660 Ti, and GTX 1650 GPU. There's also a new Legion Y7000, which has red lighting. Finally, the IdeaPad L340 comes in 15- and 17-inch sizes, packing up to a ninth-gen Core i7, GTX 1650 graphics, and Dolby Audio. Obviously, this one is built for casual to mainstream gaming. The Legion Y740 is coming in late May, with the 17-inch model starting at $1,669.99 and the 15-inch model starting at $1,609.99. The 15-inch Y540 with a GTX 1660 Ti will start at $1,209.99 in late May, while the 17-inch one will arrive in late June starting at $1,269.99. The Legion Y7000p with a GTX 1660 Ti will arrive in late May, starting at $1,199.99. Finally, the IdeaPad L340 will also arrive in late May, with the 15-inch model starting at $869.99 and the 17-inch model starting at $919.99.
  20. Intel announces 9th-gen H-series CPUs, including an 8-core, 5GHz Core i9 for laptops by Rich Woods Today, Intel announced a whole bunch of new ninth-generation Core CPUs. They include the latest iteration of the firm's 45W H-series mobile chips, along with more desktop processors. Intel's H-series is what you'll find in gaming laptops and mobile workstations. It's for those that want power, and the company delivers that with its first octa-core mobile CPUs, the Core i9-9980HK and Core i9-9880H. As usual, the 'K' means that it's unlocked for overclocking, and the i9-9980HK has a base clock speed of 2.4GHz, and a maximum single-core frequency of 5GHz. The i9-9880H has a base clock speed of 2.3GHz, and a max speed of 4.8GHz. As was the case last year, with the eighth-generation chips, the i7 models are hexa-core and the i5 models are quad-core. Both the Core i7-9850H and i7-9750H have base clock speeds of 2.6GHz, although the former has a max speed of 4.6GHz while the latter is capped at 4.5GHz. The Core i7 models also have a 12MB cache, instead of the 16MB cache found in the Core i9. The Core i5 models have an 8MB cache though. The i5-9400H and i5-9300H have 2.5GHz and 2.4GHz base clock speeds, respectively, and they have 4.3GHz and 4.1GHz max clock speeds. All of the new CPUs include support for Wi-Fi 6, promising 3x faster max speeds. That also means less latency in gaming. Intel says that the new chips deliver 54% faster 4K video editing, 56% higher fps in games, 75% lower latency, and 33% better system performance than a machine that was made three years ago. Next, we have all-new desktop CPUs, and frankly, there are a lot of them. Previously, we mainly had K-series desktop processors, at least from the high-end ninth-generation. Today, Intel announced the locked versions of those chips, including the Core i9-9900, Core i7-9700, Core i7-9700F, Core i5-9600, Core i5-9500, and Core i5-9500F. They're all 65W chips, and the F-series does not include integrated graphics. There are also some new Core i3 models, including the 91W Core i3-9350K, the 62W Core i3-9320, the 62W Core i3-9300, the 65W Core i3-9100, and the 65W Core i3-9100F. Next up, Intel announced the new 35W T-series desktop chips, including the Core i9-9900T, Core i7-9700T, Core i5-9600T, Core i5-9500T, Core i5-9400T, Core i3-9300T, and Core i3-9100T. As usual, the Core i9 is octa-core and is the only one that's hyperthreaded, the Core i7 is octa-core, the Core i5 chips are hexa-core, and the Core i3 variants are quad-core. Finally, there are a number of budget desktop CPUs, including the Pentium Gold G5620, G5600T, G5420, G5420T, Celeron G4950, G4930, and G4930T. All of these are dual-core, and only the Pentium Gold models are hyperthreaded.
  21. Yes, it does. Regrettably, the FTC and other supposedly regulatory agencies are political "animals" and subject to the whims of the current administration. Europe is so far ahead of the US in this type of regulation.
  22. We used the FCC is so corrupt under Trump, it’s useless.
  23. TsarNikky

    Microsoft won't be removing Paint from Windows 10 for now

    Not us useless 3D stuff; but there is so much other useless stuff in Windows-10 that one cannot choose not to install or uninstall. Hence its bloat and unstable behavior in its updating process.
  24. TsarNikky

    Microsoft won't be removing Paint from Windows 10 for now

    Why did MS even consider removing Paint from Windows-10? Clearly, another indication of "fixing something that ain't broke." Also, a sad commentary on so much of Windows-10. MS just couldn't leave well enough alone in Windows-7 but just had to "improve" something. So sad.
  25. How well is it really doing though aside from online accolades? For all the brouhaha over Sony's lack of cross platform support, the PS4 continues to be the bestselling console. I suspect Google and Amazon finally calmed down, execs dropped the pride enough to realize this was only alienating customers, and therefore cooler heads prevailed.
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