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  2. I find the Settings app pretty good. If your remaining brain cell cannot remember the location of some options, then it's not the app's fault. You people are all me me me me me. When I was talking, I was talking from average Joe point of view and experience I had with them. They are confused by settings and lost when they try to find something. When I show them Linux control panel, they have much easier way to navigate and find what they need. Windows 10 design is total failure from usability, aesthetic, and every other way.
  3. Only part of the Play Store I ever visit is the My Apps part just to check for updates if phone hasn't detected any during course of day.
  4. Storing passwords anyplace other than my brain gives me the heebeegeebeez! Actually, I do have them stored, but not within my browser or something like LastPass. Those thing give me the willies too! Not written down any where either. Using any kind of password that can be remembered gives me the heebeegeebeez
  5. Call me when they remove that notch and add some form of fingerprint sensor.
  6. Storing passwords anyplace other than my brain gives me the heebeegeebeez! Actually, I do have them stored, but not within my browser or something like LastPass. Those thing give me the willies too! Not written down any where either.
  7. ...insane? Ah yes, 3GB of RAM on a £1000+ phone... 'insane' indeed. A13 will be insane. The rest, ordinary... substandard even.
  8. So Google Chrome does it, Safari does it. Why the angst that Edge is doing what consumers want - which is convenience? I wasn't hating on Edge, this just happened to be an Edge post. Consumers have really ****y passwords, and almost never use two factor. In the case of google chrome, users stores all their passwords in chrome, their password gets compromised or guessed and someone can log in to their account and sync all their stored passwords to their browser.
  9. Unless you have a pretty beefy PC already, you might have to upgrade for this game, at least to get the best out of it because I suspect it's going to take advantage of next gen console hardware and higher end PC hardware, so ray tracing and all that stuff. Mind you, when is this game suppose to be getting released? is it near around the time of the next gen of consoles? if so, it could be one of the main showcase for the next gen platforms to try and impress, in other words, very demanding on the hardware. a 1.5-2 year old i7 pc with m.2 ssd and 16gb ram with GTX1080Ti (11vram) I hope that raytracing is the only thing I will be missing, rather then that, i damn better be golden to play it at my 2k monitor on high settings. (at least medium)
  10. Windows 10 for phones screenshots show new app switcher, UI changes by Vlad Dudau As we’re only hours away from the release of the next build of Windows 10 for phones, alleged screenshots of the OS have been leaked online, this time showing some major UI changes. As you can see in these images, some big changes are supposedly coming to the mobile version of Microsoft’s OS. Not only is there a new task switcher, with four cards on the same tab, but you can also see new e-mail editing options, as well as a file navigator that’s closer in line to the desktop version. Not only but you’ll also notice that, according to these images, the new OS now assigns drive letters to external storage devices, meaning that when Windows 10 launches your handsets may be able to support additional external storage devices, not just MicroSD cards. Finally, a word of caution regarding these images: as with any leak we urge you to take everything with a handful of salt. Though the original leaker does have a good track record, we’d still recommend caution when trusting these images. Whatever the case may be, we’re bound to learn a lot more tomorrow morning when the new build of Windows 10 for phones gets released to numerous devices. Source: WindowsMania| Thanks Patryk for the tip!
  11. It's not a Potemkin village simply because behind those new facades are actual all new buildings.
  12. I regret switching to the beta channel which ironically has more problems than the developer branch. Cant see images on Twitter for example, but movies are playing fine for some stupid reason. I presumed that going beta would ensure a somewhat stable release. Instead all I got was the usual crap from Microsoft that reminded me why I'm outside the Windows 10 Insiders program.
  13. IrfanL

    Reinstalling UEFI firmware on Surface Pro

    Just wanted to drop an update on this case. I tried pushing the old and current firmware using WinPE bootable flash drive method (as explained in the article above) but was not successful. This is not to say the method does not work, it works but there are built-in checks in place with boot loader and UEFI update module which actually stops old firmware to be pushed on better version firmware. You can manually change the version (make it newer version then what is already installed) in the INF file for the old firmware driver and install it. At next reboot Windows boot loader will start pushing the firmware update capsule to UEFI. But when UEFI updater will start the update process it will fails with Last Attempt Status 0xC0000058, which is related to version mismatch. Unless someone can open and change the version in update capsule files (the .bin or .cat files in the driver pack) it is not possible. (Ref: Windows UEFI firmware update platform ) Anyhow, I took it back to repair shop which actually did my battery replacement, thinking I will have another US$ 200+ bill. But the guy wanted to experiment and we opened it up again. Inspected and cleaned the connectors and ribbon cables and re-seated the display and it started to work fine. 🤷‍♂️
  14. ...insane? Ah yes, 3GB of RAM on a £1000+ phone... 'insane' indeed.
  15. there are already all kind of devices without a walled garden... of course they don't come from crapple, and never will!
  16. Mindovermaster

    Monitor powering on but not showing any display

    Monitor is around 100 USD on eBay. So, if it isn't under warranty, just ditch it. It's not worth repairing. You'd spend as much money for a new one than repairing it...
  17. OMG iphone PRRRRRRRRRR I'll buy 2!!!
  18. I hope they make a Linux port or at least it works with DXVK!
  19. It's not "Pro" until you allow outside apps and real customization. Give us a phone without the walled garden.. The hardware in these phones are INSANE.. let the devs take advantage! Giving us a Lambo with a restrictor plate of 60mph
  20. This year's higher-end iPhones may be called Pro, focus on the camera by João Carrasqueira The iPhone Xs Max As we approach the expected announcement event for Apple's new iPhones, as well as some other devices, there's not a lot that hasn't been talked about or rumored at this point. Nonetheless, a new report from Bloomberg seems to reveal some new information about the upcoming devices, confirming some previous rumors and shedding some more light on others. For starters, it seems that Apple is going for a new naming scheme for its iPhone models and, falling in line with previous rumors, it seems like the successors to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max will both adopt a Pro branding. The iPhone Xr will also get a successor, naturally. The report states that the focus for the new Pro devices is the camera, with a third lens being added for wide-angle shots, and all three cameras will be taking photos at the same time, using AI to combine them into the best result. The resolution should also be increased in the new models, "rivaling some traditional cameras", according to the report, and low-light shots are also said to be improved. The phones will do better at video recording too, with new capabilities to apply filters and crop the video while it's being recorded. The iPhone Xr's successor, for its part, will get a secondary telephoto camera. As you'd expect, the new iPhone models will all come with a new A13 chipset, but there will also be an additional processor, known as "matrix", which is meant to handle math-heavy tasks, such as those required for augmented reality. Apple is also reportedly adding reverse wireless charging to its Pro iPhone models, something we've seen in other high-end phones this year. A new version of Face ID is also said to be packed into the devices, offering a wider field of view to make it easier to unlock the phone. In terms of design, the new models will look pretty similar to the existing ones, but will feature enhanced water resistance and stronger glass covers to prevent damage from falls. Some of the models may also come in a matte finish. The phones won't have the 3D Touch feature we've seen for a few years, and replace with long-press interactions, as seen on the iPhone Xr. The current-generation iPad Pro Moving on from iPhones, there will also be new iPad Pro models at the event, and they'll mostly look like last year's model, but include better cameras and, naturally, a faster chipset. A new regular iPad is also planned, bumping up the screen size to 10.2 inches rather than the typical 9.7. The report also reaffirms that a 16-inch MacBook Pro is coming, though the smaller display bezels will keep the chassis close to that of the previous 15-inch model. As for accessories, Apple is reportedly working on new AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation to be released next year, though they'll cost more than the current model. The new Apple Watch won't feature major new capabilities, but new finishes, including titanium and ceramic, could be planned. Finally, the Cupertino company is planning a cheaper version of the HomePod speaker, given the poor market performance of the original. Instead of seven speakers, the new model is said to have two.
  21. For sure you don't have, because Microsoft has stopped shipping new features. No development means no bugs. No new features doesn't mean they are not working on existing stuff? It's quite clear you don't know much about software development but are just saying things.
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  23. techbeck

    Monitor powering on but not showing any display Start on page 18. But as already noted, if your backlight is dead, which is the way it sounds, then you will not see a menu display on the monitor.
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