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  2. Just installed 67, set both gfx.webrender.all.qualified and gfx.webrender.all to true and now Compositing states WebRender. Thanks for the link.
  3. dontbeevil

    German firm Infineon suspends shipments to Huawei

    I believe they can replace most of chips, but what about intel/amd/nvidia chips?
  4. You know telemetry has been a part of Windows since at least XP. Yep, and no one wanted it even then! No one tossed such a big fit about it till Windows 10 though. And actually, while I agree to the option to have it on or not, some basic level of telemetry is needed or how will they know if a update breaks something? Or if some apps aren't working due to a API change or something? Or if some driver is the cause of a BSOD from a 3rd party hardware maker? I'm perfectly fine with MS collecting basic and anonymous error data so they can fix issues and know what's working and what's not. There should be an OFF switch though and it shouldn't be an OPT-OUT but an OPT-IN. Microsoft has no right to that data just because it would help them develop their product. That's not my problem, that's Microsoft's problem.
  5. I'm guessing you're probably one of the people they're talking about when they mention toxicity. Stop using words and concepts you don't understand
  6. Still cryting over GoT mate? Get over it, the show is over. You can probably find something else to be mad at.
  7. How weak must you be to get "influenced" by a girl showing het ti*s on Instagram?
  8. dontbeevil

    Google Glass is back with a new Enterprise Edition

    damn... I wanted to write exactly the same comment
  9. What "minority"? Literally everybody on the planet prefers Nadella's leadership over Ballmer's leadership. You're clearly in the MAJORITY. Unless you prefer having Ballmer's signature on a Windows 7 Ultimate installation DVD? In which case... yeah, you'd be in the minority. Dunno every time i say Nadella is doing a good job here a bunch of people complain about it lol Those are just salty people who are still angry their favorite mobile OS got rejected by the market, Microsoft, the developers and practically everyone out there
  10. maybe just like bigger phones, its a matter of getting used to
  11. "the devil is in the details" Computer tech stuff is all about the details... which must mean we are in a Devilish business! Both of the laptops he was looking at have SSD boot drives. In one, the secondary drive is 5400, the other 7200. So you missed that detail, but it doesn't matter because we would need to know a whole bunch more details on what he uses his laptop for. In your example of Web Dev, he can probably fit all the important tooling on the SSD. But once you leave the silly JS of the Month web world, the secondary drive could be critical for: - Game Dev where baking levels and procedural texture generation could need a couple of Terabytes of SSD. - Video editing - Graphics Asset processing - and many more. On the opposite end, if all his tooling can be stored on his boot SSD, then a secondary 5400 can be superior to a 7200 to store large amounts of data at much lower power consumption, leading to improved battery life.
  12. Today
  13. Am I the only one who read the first three words and had my heart jump into my throat thinking Phil committed something... bad?
  14. Until and unless they are significant financial and criminal penalties for not securing private and personal data, this will continue to happen.
  15. Really, can you yourself even believe what you just wrote? Pot calling the kettle black? You know absolutely no more about his planned usage than I do, even though we have both decided to SPECULATE based on whatever Sherlock Holmes type of clues that we think we are seeing. My personal Sherlock Holmes Spidy Sense tells me this: 1. He has no firm plans to purchase a laptop, just a nagging sense of obsolescence because NVIDIA dropped support for his GPU. 2. His SIG indicates he likes to buy QUALITY equipment and then hold onto it for a LONG time. 3. That leads to the concept that he values actual VALUE more than a cheap price. 4. Therefore I conclude that he will be very disappointed in the longevity of the 1050 and the 1650 and attempted to show that a suitable 1070 could be located for not much more cost. Believe me, I scoured a lot of units to find affordable 1070s and even linked to a couple of 15 inch units when I'm pretty sure he wants a 17 inch, but in general you can find a better deal on a 15 inch. ------------------------------- Now that I have provided the reasoning (correct or not) behind my post, I would like to point out a bigger issue that seems to produce a BLIND SPOT in a few people. It is extremely common that in diagnosing and solving almost any human problem that most people develop tunnel vision and can't see the "forest for the trees." One of the greatest services that we can provide as outsiders to the subjective life of the poster is to jolt them into ideas they might not of thought of. This kind of IDEA SPARK can often even come from ideas they don't like at all. But like a series of dominoes, it can lead to a better outcome in the end. So if I suggest for any hardware selection something that is out of left field or costs a lot less or costs a lot more, then that is the silliest thing to object to since these are all ideas that can easily be ignored by moving the eyeball to the next post, but in the course of considering or rejecting the idea, good things can happen! But one technique in any type of purchase scenario from computers to cars to real estate is to think "What would I buy if I had a lot more money?" That gets you to define what your ideal scenarios and objectives are and then as you reduce the money back to reality you justify the trade-off you have to make to end up with the best value for the money which can very often be a very different outcome than starting at the other end, since you often find out that a feature you didn't think about that is extremely useful is for example double your budget. For people living in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY all you have to do in order to double your budget is just WAIT a little longer to perhaps end up with MORE THAN DOUBLE the VALUE. Pointing out the WAIT OPTION is ALWAYS a GOOD THING.
  16. Brian Miller

    Google Glass is back with a new Enterprise Edition

    Why do they insist on using such unsophisticated frames?
  17. bikeman25

    PC Tuneup Prior to 1903

    Well not noticeable lag that I can feel, Might be just nothing wrong, performance seems fine to me, no micro stuttering either that I notice. Guess will decide if doing over top upgrade of 1903 or clean install when out, and fix it up then, boot drive is only 250gb, but guess reserved storage in 1903 won't be a big deal really. Ping in game is usually between 17-22ms, so that isn't bad I don't think sfc /scannow fine despite switching Antivirus programs a lot last 6 months, maybe just me doing bad lately for some reason, and nothing really wrong
  18. i dont think you have to be a moron to use these sites, and services. Just be aware of what you are using, and what you are putting on them.
  19. Got the addresses of the GoT HBO writers so I can go slap them...
  20. Don't ever buy a laptop with a 5400 rpm hdd if you plan to work with it. You'll have to replace it so you absolutely must add the cost of the replacement to the laptop. 5400 rmp will kill the best machine out there it's the worst bottle neck possible for work. It's not too bad fg you just play games and check mail but if you plan to do any kind of work a 5400 rmp hdd will kill the computer and make it slow no matter what. Just doing a create-react-app on a 5400 rpm hdd is painful.
  21. What "minority"? Literally everybody on the planet prefers Nadella's leadership over Ballmer's leadership. You're clearly in the MAJORITY. Unless you prefer having Ballmer's signature on a Windows 7 Ultimate installation DVD? In which case... yeah, you'd be in the minority. Dunno every time i say Nadella is doing a good job here a bunch of people complain about it lol
  22. A little bulky? If I wore that, people would think I'm under house arrest...
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