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  2. Samsung's 'Link to Windows' integration coming to more Galaxy phones by Rich Woods When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note10 a couple of weeks ago, it also boasted its strengthened partnership with Microsoft. The Note10 includes improved Your Phone integration with its Link to Windows feature. As it turns out, Link to Windows is coming to more Galaxy handsets as spotted by XDA Developers in a leak of One UI 2.0. According to the leak, it will at least be coming to the Galaxy S10 series, if not more than that. It does seem likely that the S9 and Note9 series would get the One UI 2.0 update as well, and that Microsoft would want the feature to be on as many handsets as possible. The Link to Windows feature shows up right in the Quick Settings menu on Galaxy Note10 devices, allowing users to easily toggle the Your Phone connection. Users are also finding that screen mirroring works with any PC if you're using a Note10, rather than the select few PCs that are available for other smartphones. It's unclear when One UI 2.0 will be released, but it's not going to be for a little while. One UI 2.0 will require Android 10, which isn't even out yet for Pixel phones. For Samsung phones, it tends to take much longer.
  3. Brandon H

    Edge won't let you read ePub e-books anymore

    I think it's just more the fact that they don't want to continue supporting the functionality since they discontinued their eBook store
  4. OldGuru

    Edge won't let you read ePub e-books anymore

    They could reuse old Edge engine to build ePub Reader Application, but as usual Microsoft is not thinking right ever.
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  6. Edge won't let you read ePub e-books anymore by João Carrasqueira Earlier this year, Microsoft officially removed the Books section from the Microsoft Store, taking away users' ability to buy new books and even read existing books after July. This meant that users would need to find a different platform to buy their books from, but at least they could still read them natively in Windows 10 thanks to the Edge browser and its support for the ePub file format. As it turns out, that's going away too, according to a new support page on Microsoft's website (via Windows Central). The company is removing support for the ePub file format in Microsoft Edge at some point in the future, though there's no clear date for when that will happen. We've reached out to Microsoft for more information on this, but it's likely that support will be dropped when the new Chromium-based version of Edge replaces the current UWP app. If you'd like the capability to return in the new version of Edge, you'll want to make that request to Microsoft through the Tech Community forums for the Edge Insider program. In the meantime, if you've been using the Edge browser to read books on your PC, there are already some apps in the Microsoft Store that might be able to help. Microsoft says it's worked with the DAISY Consortium to compile a list of apps for reading ePub books, and that those will be available through the Microsoft Store after next month. Update: Microsoft has confirmed that the end of support for this feature is coming with the release of the Chromium-based version of Edge. Since the UWP version of Edge is still included with Windows 10, you should be able to read ePub e-books in Edge for a while longer.
  7. i know people dont like trump, but you cannot have your tech companies being biased in one way. Trump wont always be the president of his political party. They need to be neutral in these matters.
  8. goretsky

    Affinity Photo

    Hello, Just as a side-note, you actually have to sign up with this company in order to download the trial version of the software. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
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  10. LG unveils ThinQ voice control app for connected home appliances by Jay Bonggolto LG revealed earlier this year its plan to grow its voice-controlled smart home appliance business in 2019 after that division saw its all-time high operating profit at the end of 2018. The South Korean electronics giant is now taking another step to advance its smart home appliance efforts. LG announced today that it will be rolling out its new ThinQ mobile app designed to control Internet-connected home appliances by voice. It is meant to replace the SmartThinQ app. The ThinQ app will rely on Google Assistant to let you control Wi-Fi-connected LG appliances to perform specific tasks. Supported appliances include washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and air purifiers. Alice Ryu, head of LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company’s smart home business, said regarding the new app: “Creating a smart home experience that actually makes our customers’ lives measurably more convenient is what drives us daily. With the voice capable mobile app, we have created the ultimate smart home ecosystem that puts convenience first.” You can also receive product information and troubleshooting alerts via the app. LG says the ThinQ app will go live in South Korea later this month and in North America by the fourth quarter of 2019. The app is also slated for release in Europe next year.
  11. The thing that melts my brain is that if someone observes the particles, their behavior changes. So, as long as the internals of the detector, or any quantum device, just need to be shielded from any kind of observation?
  12. Was the book also MADE IN CHINA using slave labor like the products pictured?
  13. This would be for backend systems/servers for dealing with applications like that, e.g. an interactive support agent phone line could utilise something like this.
  14. ZombieEinstein

    The world's first Quantum Radar has just been prototyped

    The other potential advantage of quantum entangled photons in a radar system (that still needs to be fleshed out into a real world feature) is you can detect something without needing a return signal. There would be no such thing as 'stealth' with existing technologies if they ever figured this out.
  15. Google: "I'm a prostitute and a virgin, let me help you being chaste."
  16. until they come up with the quantum radar detector, detector... then it will entangle the entangled to find the location of the radar
  17. The world's first Quantum Radar has just been prototyped by Ather Fawaz A team of four researchers led by Shabir Barzanjeh at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria leveraged entangled microwaves to create the world's first quantum radar (via MIT Technology Review). The device utilizes a handful of photos to detect objects in its surroundings and emits only trace amounts of electromagnetic radiation. This camouflages its signature in background noise making it extremely hard to detect. At its core, the device works on the principle of Quantum Entanglement, a phenomenon that Einstein deemed "spooky action at a distance", whereby two 'entangled' quantum particles, regardless of their separation, exhibit an instantaneous correlation between certain physical properties intrinsic to each. For the purpose of creating a quantum radar, the researchers produced pairs of entangled microwave photons (low-energy photons) using a superconducting device called a Josephson parametric converter. They directed the first photon—the signal photon—towards the object that was to be detected and listened for its reflection. A second photon—the idler photon—then interferes with the reflection of the signal photon thereby revealing how far the original photon traveled and hence, the incident object's location. This allowed Barzanjeh and his team to detect objects within a meter inside a small room with only a handful of photons, something that is impossible for conventional radars as they require powerful electromagnetic radiation emitters to function. On top of boasting low emission requirements, quantum radars also have the added advantage of being able to hide in the microwave background radiation of a small room, and hence remain undetectable to other devices hunting for radars. The team eyes potential use-cases of quantum radars in biomedical and security applications due to the device's non-invasive nature. Barzanjeh commented on his team's creation by saying: Our experiment shows the potential as a non-invasive scanning method for biomedical applications, e.g., for imaging of human tissues or non-destructive rotational spectroscopy of proteins. You can read more about the invention here. The original study by the researchers can be found here.
  18. well they are hoping to sell biased AI to election boards to they can influence elections across the world... sarcasm of course
  19. So apparently the Neowin comment community is super negative on quantum computing?
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  21. The problem with the Quantum Computers is that they change results if someone is observing them
  22. Your IT dept disabled UAC? What are they thinking? probably some 3rd party app that wont recode their program to work right with UAC that they depend on... I know we have a few systems that in the deployment document says disable UAC as one of the steps... we don't
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