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"Speed of internet connection" problem



Hi guys

Well, i have a problem. I play allot Americas Army. It's a shooter game and there fore I joined a clan about this game. It really rocks. :D

Now my problem. I have a network of 2 computers with no hub / switch and with my stupid head i explained to my father how Kazzalite works. Now that he's got it all working he is 24/7 behinde it to download music. Now my problem is that when my father is downloading, it slurps up all the connection speed. And it's not the connection speed. Normaly i download at around 80 KB/s. But even if my dad is downloading a song at 2 KB/s, i got no speed at all at my computer. :angry:

Now, you can gase that when my father is downloading, i can't play my game. :no:

Is there any program, any at all, that i can manage the connection speed between the 2 computers :devil:

Greets Boogiman

P.S.: "Don't tell my dad" lol :shifty: :whistle:

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Report your father to the RIAA.

Then, when the FBI arrests him, your bandwidth will be back to normal.

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Can't you set Kazaa to only download at a certain speed.

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