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Hi. I've recently launched a group management web application, called tabsyze (located at

If people here have used Yahoo! Groups, they might be familiar with the functionality and purpose of this website. Basically, you create groups and invite people to then. Then you can upload and share files, manage events and have discussions with your group members. You can do all of this privately or publicly with other users on tabsyze be able to view your data.

Here's a few screenshots.

Home - the home page shows a news feed of all the activity of that group. File activity, user discussions and the event calendar.


Files - this is the file manager area, where users can create folders and upload files and add comments on files.


Discussions - the forum part of the website. Very easy to understand for Neowin users! People create threads, others reply.


Events - people can create events and others can add comments on them. Similar to Facebook events, but a stripped down.


Members - this is where you can view / invite / moderate members of your group. Normal group members can only view the group roster and invite others, but an Administrator of the group can remove and accept / ignore user requests to join the group.


That's it for the review, you should check out the application for more. Thanks!

Ali Zahid

Founder, tabsyze

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