Sky Tv Pulls out of PPV Boxing Events

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SKY Sport is opting out of pay-per-view boxing presentations after a troubled spell with the sport.

A dispute with Amir Khan?s management and two disappointing features starring David Haye have persuaded Sky to pull out of more pay-as-you-watch deals.

Khan?s big fight in the United States against Zab Judah was switched to Primetime when Sky became unconvinced about charging to watch the fight.


It's about time too.

I still believe the PPV WWE events will still be featured on the PPV channels.

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Sounds like good news at first, but it's almost a certainty that ESPN will pick up the upcoming fights now, and on Sky, that's an extra tenner a month on top of the already ridiculously high monthly costs.

I wish ITV would be able to pick them up. They showed all of Amir Khan's first few professional fights when he was getting started. ITV might be able to cover the costs with all the ad revenue they'd get; a minute of ads in between every round, and plenty of ads before and after the fight. Plus product placement too, now that that's allowed in the UK (oh, not forgetting the sponsorships as well).

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