UFC on Versus 6 - Cruz vs. Johnson

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I know this card isn't that great but hey, free MMA right? Right? Let's see the card. This card will fight UFN 25 for the most irrelevant of the year title.

Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson - This fight is kind of a lose-lose for the UFC. If Johnson wins, he will certainly drop the title and drop to FLW as soon as it's available. He's undersized even for a BW and relies on his relentless energy to get the decisions. Cruz on the other hand, is a bore fest that the UFC can't sell. He's won every fight in the WEC/UFC by decision (except for his loss to Faber) and not a GSP - Koshcheck type decision where he brutally maimed someone. More of a BJ - Edgar type decision on their first fight. If he beats Mighty Mouse, he's going to have to fight Faber again. I hope he can prove me wrong and get a KO or sub or something but it's not likely. He doesn't punch hard, he punches fast and moves away. Faber got out of their 5 round fight unscathed despite getting hit by quite a few punches. Boring champions don't sell PPV, this is why this title fight ended up on Versus. He's got the skills, he needs to pull the trigger and really start dominating people.

Charlie Brenneman vs. Anthony Johnson - Brenneman jumped from obscurity after routing Rick Story who came in on short notice. Now he gets to fight Johnson, a guy who could easily fight at MW or LHW, that hasn't beaten anyone relevant but is very, very strong.

Stefan Struve vs. Pat Barry - The UFC equivalent of a full on freak fight. Pat Barry, who can't seem to keep a winning streak alive, comes in after a brutal KO at the hands of Kongo. Struve comes in after a brutal KO loss to Travis Browne. Both have a tendency to get KTFO'ed. At least it's going to be a fun fight. I expect a KO (a double KO would rule).

Matt Wiman vs. Mac Danzig - Danzig's last loss is to Wiman, who is himself coming in from a loss to Siver. Meh.

-Below this are all the even more irrelevant fights-

Yves Edwards vs. Rafaello Oliveira

Shane Roller vs. T.J. Grant

Paul Sass vs. Michael Johnson

Byron Bloodworth vs. Mike Easton

Josh Neer vs. Keith Wisniewski

Walel Watson vs. Joseph Sandoval

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Still an entertaining card. Danzig looked slow as hell and Brenneman looked like a little kid getting picked on by his older brother.

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The stoppage was kind of early. Brenneman was conscious and defending but would probably be TKO'ed after Rumble pownced on him.

As for Danzig, he was no slouch. Wiman really took it to him. It was very deserving of FOTN.

Cruz did what he does, beating Mighty Mouse by UD. Mighty Mouse was getting an edge over him until he switched to a grappling based attack. Those suplexes were something special. But still, Johnson was at not point at risk of being submitted, KO'ed, TKO'ed or even cut so badly that a doctor would stop the fight. Cruz won, showed great prowess but didn't win any new fans over that. I would dare say that the Barry vs Struve generated more interest. It was a ridiculous fight with Barry not having the smarts to win the fight and Struve not using his amazing reach to keep on the outside and blast Barry. Still he ended up pulling quite a slick submission. For a very tall HW, the guy sure has some grappling skills. Skills which Barry doesn't have and that keep hurting his future in the UFC. He needs to shape up. Entertaining outside of the ring or not, if he goes on a 0-3 slide he may well join Sean McCorkle in the bush leagues.

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Johnson is a major force in that division, I was actually feeling like an upset was going to happen prior to the fight. He is second in that weight class. I thought the Brenneman stoppage was justified cause how he wobbled into the fence and got dropped by that big kick pretty easily and cleany. Just a matter of time plus he was being thoroughly dominated.

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