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WineHQ Bugzilla Database Compromised

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Gerowen    1,115

For those of you who aren't aware of what exactly Wine is, Wine is a piece of software available for Linux and other Unix based operating systems that aims to serve as a compatibility layer, allowing Windows software to run in those environments. Its name is a redundant acronym, standing for, "Wine Is Not an Emulator".

Anyway, I haven't actually installed and used the software in years, as I haven't had a need for it on my personal machines. But years ago I submitted a few bugs and registered for their site, and visited it on a regular basis. I guess because of that, I was on the list to notify in the event of any compromises. Well I just checked my e-mail, and had this e-mail message sitting in there. You can find more information on the attack on their website at http://www.winehq.or...ber/097753.html .

We are sorry to report that recently our login database for the

WineHQ Bugzilla Database was compromised. We know that the entire

contents of the login database was stolen by hackers. The password

was encrypted, but with enough effort and depending on the quality

of your old password, it could be cracked.

We have closed the hole in our system that allowed read access to

our database tables.

To prevent further damage we have reset your password to what is shown

below. We strongly suggest that if you shared your WineHQ bugs

password on any other sites that you change that password as soon

as possible.

Login Email: censored

New Password: censored

For more detailed information about this hacking, please read about

it at this link:


Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

-WineHQ Staff

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Phouchg    2,050



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Gerowen    1,115

I may have to check Wine out at some point, maybe in a VM so I don't have to mess with my production machine. It was really messy before. Installed itself in weird ways so that if you uninstalled it, you still had options to run stuff with it in your context menus. It didn't work very well with most of the bigger pieces of software, but it ran WoW which is all I needed it to do.

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