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Good afternoon,

I'm building an e-commerce site. I'm looking for a web-framework or CMS [any language] which covers the following requirements:

  • Scalable: For up to 1000 separate online shops in the one website directory
  • Fast: In comparison with other frameworks or CMSs (in terms of load speed, caching, transaction time)
  • Interoperable: Must be built on web standards (not limited to one browser or OS... mobile accessibility also required)
  • Quick development time: Looking for something which already has the components, and I just need to link them with minimal custom code (i.e. this is the case with DJango)
  • Free and locally hostable

Please recommend some good ones.

Thanks for all suggestions,

Alec Taylor

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When I think on frameworks and confidence.building software solution I take a really a good look on the use and experience the software have.

Wordpress and WP e Commerce would do a good job on your needed solution features.

BTW, If you interesed in good scalable themes for this configuration, go to storefrontthemes.com. They have a really good quality themes.

Here is my affiliate link. I earn money from visitors buying themes on the site: http://storefrontthe...ap_id=pulgafree

Good luck.

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Have you heard of Magento? Its a very nice ecommerce application.


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