Grand Theft Auto V announced, first trailer on November 2

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Well this has come out of nowhere, can't wait to see what the trailer has to say about the actual and possible gameplay of GTA5.

Why would they bluff.

GTA London is just wishful thinking, how many GTA games have there been and how many of them have been set in London, there has never been a main game set in London only mission packs.

Setting it in the UK doesnt lend well to the kind of game GTA is. There is no gun culture here.

Actually, there has been one game that has been set in London, The Getaway, and The Getaway:Black Monday (For the PS2).

Additionally, GTA isn't based on true stories, yes things like that may happen in the US (Never been but have watch documentaries about the sort), but London, do have certian crimes that include gun crimes, drug wars and other such, it will be good to see another game set in London since there isn't many, its all based around the US.

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It probably won't be, but I hope it's London >:].

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Its not going to be in london, the 5 in the GTA logo looks like a US dollar note.

Although I doubt this game will be set in London, but the logo looks no more like the dollar bill than it does a UK £5 note.

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Matches a US $5 bill... look at the text for the 'FIVE' - it's an identical font.

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Think this will be for the next Xbox?

Am I the only one who loves it when GTA does a spin off? Such as; London, San Andreas, Vice City etc.

I just find 2, 3 and 4 got boring quick.

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It's going to be set in Malaysia.

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wow I did not expect this.

There has been alot of rumors suggesting that it is set "Hollywood". Perhaps it is a re-imagining of Los Santos from San Andreas?

I really didn't expect it to be called GTAV though.

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Then why does lead to the announcement page? leads to that page, it's not London.

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I actually think Washington DC could make a TON of sense for a GTA game from the story side of things. Corrupt politicians for starters. And for those who do not know, DC has some of the worst ghettos in the US, crime is literally rampant just a mile or so from the White House, so it makes for a truly interesting dichotomy. It is just the geography that would wind up being very boring for a GTA game.

San Fran or Chicago would be my 2 guesses.

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I bet the teaster tracker on the 2nd will be crap lol and dosn't show anything we want to see.

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London would be awesome. A remake of Vice City would be great too.

Sucks that that PC wont get this for a looooong time. I hope they fix driving. GTA 4 was fun, but meh on the storyline. I think VC and SA had the best stories.

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Shut up its GTA India :)

Jokes apart , i just hope its built rightly for PC , maybe with lesser spec requirements , GTA is something everyone HAS to play for everyday life :p It should be light on systems

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It doesnt make sense to do London, there is no gun culture so there would be no valid explanation to have the kind of weapons available for a game set in London.

There is very much a growing gun culture in London. And anyway, you don't see people running around in the US with rocket launchers, it's all massively exaggerated anyway, so...
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Grand Theft Auto IV was a massive letdown for me, but I'll give the series another chance. I just can't get all that excited, personally.

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Hot damn, where did this come from? I too hope it's GTA: London. Heck I haven't even played GTA IV yet (actually I did TRY to play it, but the POS wouldn't run at ALL).

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The Laughing Man

If they don't do a PC version/mess it up , I'm going to start #occupyrockstar

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awesome news, loved GTA IV. i'm pretty sure this will be for the next consoles and PC, and i doubt it'll be in London...the entire franchise is based on mocking/respecting contemporary US culture.

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I don't think it'll be for next gen consoles.

I can see this being out in the summer 2012 for 360 and PS3.

No chance would they be allowed to announce a game for the next gen consoles before MS/Sony have announced them.

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Should be interesting.

Not sure how this is a surprise to anyone though. The major "10th Anniversary" sale and PR campaign that just started last week was a major hint to the imminent announcement of 5.

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Everyone is thinking of where it is set but I am more interested in what time it is set like present, past or future.

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It's gonna be out xmas 2012 minimum anyway :(

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      The device's ports include two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports (one Type-C and one Type-A), eight USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports (one Type-C and seven Type-A), and two USB 2.0 ports (Type-A). It also supports three M.2 slots and four PCIe x16 slots.

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