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iMac memory upgrade

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gian    16


I have a late 2009 i5 27 inches model with 4gb 1066mhz RAM.

I was looking at an upgrade because I sometimes run a little low especially when a VM is running.

Speed wise it would be better to get 2x4gb sticks and have a total of 12gb or there would be no difference between that and a 1x4gb (so a total of 8gb RAM and 1 slot left empty)?

The price difference is not much but I really doubt I will need 12gb of RAM any time soon.

Any brand suggestions? I was looking for Corsair.

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CPressland    176

I think you'll find you've currently got 2 x 2GB in there at the moment, even if you do have 1 x 4GB then I'd still replace the modules completely as it's never a good idea to mix and match memory.

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