2011 NFL Playoffs - AFC Divisional Round

Who do you think will win?  

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  1. 1. Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

    • Denver Broncos
    • New England Patriots
  2. 2. Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

    • Houston Texans
    • Baltimore Ravens

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AFC Divisional Round is set.

Patriots, Ravens

Wow. That was quite a game in Denver and an amazing finish. Don't see the Texans beating the Ravens, unless their defense scores. I don't necessarily see a repeat of the last Broncos Patriots game where New England dominated, but still see them winning.

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Surprised the Texans did as well as they did against Cincy, I was expecting the Bengals defense to hold up better than it did. So long as the Ravens don't let Foster run all over them like the Bengals did then they should win it with ease. Yates is not Schaubb so you're not able to get the same sort of balls out to people like Johnson, so they won't play as big of a role I think. Suggs and Ngata should be able to keep up some good pressure as well, so I don't think the Texans stand much of a chance (though Flacco can be fairly unpredictable, so hopefully he plays somewhat well).

The Pats should be able to give it to the Broncos. Still don't understand how the Steelers managed to lose that game, but I don't think a healthy Pats team will make the same mistake. Figure we should be looking at a Pats vs Ravens conference final which should be a good one.

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Doubt anyone was surprised by the Broncos/Pats game. Brady showed how much of a boss he was at the game, and to think they took it easy on them in the second half. Let's not forget he showcased a hidden talent of his: PUNTING! SKIP BAYLESS EAT YOUR DAMN HEART OUT! TEBOW SUCKS, OK?

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