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Skype 5.5 beta for OS X

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Skype 5.5 Beta for Mac - improved call UI, ability to answer call with video

Today we have released Skype 5.5 Beta for Mac.

Key updates for the newly released build, are:

  • Improved Call UI
  • Accept incoming call with video
  • Improvements in quality and stabilization

Improved Call UI

We have improved the discoverability of Call UI like Windows and iOS that users can easily mute, send video, share screen, send file and add people during a call.

Accept incoming call with video

Now users can easily accept incoming call with or without video.

Please download the latest version, Skype 5.5 Beta for Mac today and provide feedback on the new call functionality - your ongoing feedback plays a significant role in helping us drive continuous product improvement.

Feedback can be sent from within Skype by clicking 'Skype' in the menu bar, then 'Provide Skype Feedback'. Please feel free to report any issues to our Support Network or on our public issue tracker so we can help make the Skype experience as smooth as possible for our users.

Source: Skype Garage blog

Download: Skype beta for OS X

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