2011 NFL Playoffs - Championship Round

Who do you think will win?  

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  1. 1. Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

    • Baltimore Ravens
    • New England Patriots
  2. 2. New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

    • New York Giants
    • San Francisco 49ers

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A great divisional round weekend, but I'm again 2-2. Except for the Broncos Patriots game, it was a weekend where turnovers killed the losing teams, especially my Saints. So the championship games are set, and I'm stoked. If the Saints defense would have not sucked for the last two drives, they would be hosting the NFC championship again, but alas, it is what it is. And the Giants going through Lambeau field again! Awesome stuff.

Giants, Patriots

Super Bowl XLII rematch baby! Can't wait!

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Giants looking pretty good but still can't say they are the best team out there. Saw the Raven's game today and they didn't look super great either. Can't say much about 49ers or Patriots as I haven't seen them play. I'd love to see a Giants vs Patriots game again though, still one of the best superbowl games i've seen in a while!

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