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I need an idea for an iPhone app. Something that hasn't been done to death (e.g. fart apps, Twitter apps). I am less concerned with it making it into the App Store than I am with using it to learn and improve my Objective-C & iPhone development skills.

I would like the app to be view-based, and not use OpenGL (I'm not ready to tackle that yet). Linking to a web service via JSON would be something I'd like to incorporate as it is an important skill I am still learning, so the more practice the better.

I *may* submit the app to the App Store, but I won't be charging for it. I say that just so people don't think I'm trying to make a buck off of their ideas. If you are willing to suggest an idea for an app but don't want me to use it in an app I submit to the App Store, I am willing to abide by that. I really just need ideas so I can learn.


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Anybody? :D

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