Installing directx 9 on Windows 8?

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Games that needs updated/specific version of DirectX have to install it during the game setup, period.

For example for Skyrim, you have to reinstall it. This one is tricky because you have to verify the game file, and when you start the game it will install the correct DirectX packages too.

You shouldn't install manually directx since many games aren't using the same (sub)version of directx 9 (or 10 or 11).

yea i know im necroing (whatever that means) sue me.  I detest people/minsformation like this on the web.  No you dont "have to instal it during hte game setup, Period" and yes older software and games can require older D3DX libraries (dx9 has like 50 versions itself).  Some people (myself included which is how i found this post) like to be pre-emptive and proactive.  I install them all and ill never be asked.


Unfortunately trying to force an older DX isnt the way to go w/ newer OS's.  You have to install the libraries themselves.  Much easier. (unless u wanna use a web installer/avoid standalone) Google can help you with the rest :p


As for the first few posts of ignorance, do some research before you attack others AND spread more misinformation at the same time.  The web ladies and gentlemen.  

I just found out we are pregnant and I reckon my child is going to feel sheltered and deprived cause come hell or high water he wont be seeing or touching this volatile piece of technology until marriage :p

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The DirectX redistributable is MANDATORY for many older games in Windows 8. Microsoft announced there will not be newer DirectX redistributable but that does not mean that Windows 8 ships with the whole DX9c redistributables: they only included just the latest 2 libraries but many games relies on older ones. Same for the .NET Framework: Windows 8 comes with Framework 4.5 but it doesn't come with anything below 4 (3.5, 3.0, 2.0, 1.0, none of those are present).

I have installed the redistributable on Windows 8 without any issue, if the web version doesn't work try the full version that you can find here.


Thank you Francescob!


The stand alone version did the trick. The webinstaller couldn't get pass the Cryptographic Services error (even though it was running and set on Auto. I tried all solutions listed on the web and it just didn't want to work).


And I can confirm that once you install the libraries, the game doesn't attempt its DirectX installation (which also gave error because it was probably using the webinstaller option).

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