NFL to review all turnovers, regular season OT gets postseason rules

NFL rule changes  

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All turnovers will be reviewed from the booth with no coaches' challenges needed and overtime periods in the regular season will use the same scoring rules as the postseason after NFL owners voted to approve those proposals Wednesday. The replay official already reviews all scoring plays.

I do like the OT rules change as I never liked how much just winning the coin toss could give such an advantage. As for the turnover thing I don't like that. The coaches challenge is just for that. It was part of the game if they thought that turnover was important enough to take another look and risk a TO or to just roll with the punches. I can see why some sports have been to reluctant to let tech into the officiating.

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Any turnover is important and making each one reviewable eliminates the need to blow a challenge when it is sometimes blatantly obvious that a turnover did or did not occur when the opposite was ruled. It's no different than having each touchdown reviewed for the same exact reason, and I am in favor of the change.

As for overtime, I don't care for the new rule, never did. The teams had 60 minutes to get an advantage, so rewarding the first team to put any additional points on the board with the win makes sense. We now have this new OT rule in the name of fairness, but one good/botched block could result in the kickoff ending the game. Where's the fairness in the other team having a chance to get a touchdown? Touchdown or field goals, to me it was always the same. I actually favor college football's OT format over the if this, if that, but after this format the NFL now has.

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